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CRM for insurance agent

The insurance industry requires a special approach to customers and their needs. Based on mutual trust and the law, service to contractors must be impeccable. The insurance multiagency, which offers a broad product portfolio, also faces special challenges. In the day-to-day work of an insurance agent, a CRM system proves to be a significant convenience.

What is a CRM system?

To understand the role played by a CRM system in an enterprise, it is useful to understand the essence of CRM itself. The slogan “CRM” stands for Customer Relationship Management. Each contractor influences the organization in some way through its preferences, expectations or needs. Entities that follow CRM on a daily basis understand how many relevant messages you can receive from your customer. Proper use of these messages allows you to effectively exploit sales opportunities. However, this would not be possible without a specially designed tool such as a CRM system. It is a special software that allows comprehensive management of contractors. A CRM system – such as SalesWizard – provides a practical work organizer for both the individual agent and the entire organization. Such solutions work well regardless of the size of the company or the insurance products offered.

Advantage through a CRM system

A CRM system is a tool that will help you take care of your customers in a comprehensive way. Insurance recommendations and bid solicitation will become a uniform, transparent process. This will be helped by a sales funnel that allows you to track the progress and change the status of each incoming request. This keeps communication consistent and helps organize daily duties. The CRM system will holistically help you take care of your work efficiency and facilitate the bidding process. Based on the product archive and notes in the customer panel, you will be able to select the offer even better – thus leading the cross-selling process even more effectively. This translates into finances – more effective sales means more commission for you and your team! Don’t forget the image aspect – an efficiently served, professional customer is your best business card.

CRM system for insurance agent

Based on our years of experience and conversations with customers, we have prepared a universal CRM system SalesWizard. Our goal was to create a tool that would prove practical, intuitive, and at an attractive price. SalesWizard CRM offers a number of functionalities useful in the daily work of an insurance agent:

  • Support requests – from one place you will respond to all contact requests adding a comment, what is the progress of work with a particular lead;
  • Task management – an excellent solution for companies with two or more agents, among whom service tasks can be distributed;
  • Customer file – this is your complete knowledge base allowing you to personalize the relationship, which will give the contractor a sense of being taken care of;
  • Historical records – Previously made records are an invaluable source of information about what products a customer had and whether they were satisfied with them;
  • Contract generator – just add a document template once to enjoy a convenient, ready-to-complete template in the future.

SalesWizard – check out our capabilities!

The functionalities we have presented are just a substitute of what we have prepared for you! We are constantly working on the development of SalesWizard so that the program meets the dynamically changing needs, while guaranteeing maximum data security. You can discover the full capabilities of SalesWizard by taking advantage of the free trial period. During the 7 days of testing, our specialists will be happy to guide you through the CRM system, showing you the practical application of each tool. After that, you can choose one of three packages depending on your needs: Standard, Premium or Master. Find out today how SalesWizard will be an important facilitator!


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