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Cloud CRM system functionalities

Discover the best functionalities that will elevate your organization to a new level!

Managing leads and service funnels

In SalesWizard CRM, you can create service funnels and funnel statuses yourself. Manage potential customers by assigning them to appropriate funnels, giving them statuses, control delays. You can display all contacts in an intuitive Kanban Board. You can use funnels not only for sales but also in the process of complaints, GDPR incident reporting, or service fulfillment.  

Online offering

The online offering module will help you standardize the entire process of handling potential customers in terms of offers sent to them. A standardized offering website, digital signature, and contract generator will help you increase your organization’s sales.

Digital signature in CRM system

SalesWizard CRM allows you to integrate with Autenti digital signature. Using the electronic signature, you can enter contracts with your customers remotely without using paper. The offering module will also allow you to track statistics of offer openings. 

Generator of contract and document templates

You can save all the data from Customer Cards and Surveys as short codes to use them for generating template contracts and documents. With documents generated in PDF, you will save your team’s valuable time to focus on the most important things.

Internal store

In the internal store of the CRM system, you can define your products and services, specify their parameters and attributes, add photos, and specify prices and discounts. You can change the stock of your store. You can group all the products and services you create in the store into categories and subcategories. The internal store of the CRM system is used to offer and generate contracts with customers.

Documents in the CRM system

You can store all relevant documents regarding your organization’s processes in SalesWizard.

E-mail and SMS communication

Sending and receiving e-mails in the system will facilitate communication with potential and current customers. E-mail templates can significantly reduce the time to prepare standard and repetitive responses. Storing all messages in the SalesWizard system will allow you to find essential information quickly.

Tasks and notes

In SalesWizard, you can record every activity connected to your customer or potential customer’s case. You create the types of notes and tasks from which you can create statistics on the activities performed. You can also request completion or non-completion reports for the types of tasks you create.

Multiple threads with one client

We have prepared a system of threads you can assign to different service funnels and statuses. This way, you will distribute the processes performed with one customer to other users of the CRM system.


You can visualize all tasks in the system on the system calendar. You can quickly sort your tasks and those of your system users.

Internal chat

You can communicate internally with your users through internal chat.

Forms integrations with CRM

You will easily integrate your website with your CRM system. This way, requests from potential customers will flow directly into your system. A WordPress plugin and a dedicated one for HTML will save you time. If you are running a Facebook campaign or with Google Ads forms, you can also integrate these most popular services with SalesWizard CRM!

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