CRM functionalities to help your company increase sales effectiveness

Use SalesWizard CRM to serve your customers and prospects to increase your product or service sales. Send quotes online, create orders, sign contracts electronically, control payments. Digitize all your company processes in one CRM tool! Let us help you implement CRM in your company.

Why should you implement CRM in your company?

The right tools for your business are the foundation for success. Read why you should implement CRM in your company. If you have questions, would like to consult on the implementation of CRM in your organization, schedule a free consultation.

Data centralization in CRM

You will centralize all of your company’s data, customers, performed activities and tasks in one modern tool.

Streamline company processes

In CRM, you can create and manage, among other things. Sales processes, complaints, order processing. You can improve your company’s processes and eliminate all bottlenecks.

Improving the quality of customer service

CRM is all about tools that support the service of customers and potential customers. Use them to improve the quality of service.

Automation and artificial intelligence

Implementing CRM in a company also allows the use of cutting-edge technologies such as sales automation and artificial intelligence.

How to implement CRM in a company?

If you’d like to learn more about how to implement CRM in your company, watch the webinar below.

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Cloud CRM system functionalities

Learn more about CRM functionalities that will elevate your organization to a new level!

Create and manage Processes in your customers

You can create multiple Topic Processes (threads) in a single client or potential client. Separately you will lead the sales process, separately the after-sales service or the complaints process. Make individual processes available only to authorized users in CRM. Study the reasons for successes and failures.

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Tasks and notes in CRM

In SalesWizard CRM, you can record every action performed in connection with your customer or potential customer’s case. You create labels yourself for the names of the types of notes and tasks, from which you can create statistics on the activities performed. For the types of tasks you create, you can also request completion or non-completion reports. Use SMS and email reminders to make sure you don’t forget anything.

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Integration of SMS shipping in CRM

Send SMS and MMS messages directly from your CRM system. SalesWizard is integrated with an SMS gateway. Send SMS under your own sender name or use any name you want. Create SMS templates to use in your daily, repetitive activities. You can also create automations based on SMS.

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Internal store in CRM

In the CRM system’s internal store, you can define your own products and services, specify their parameters and attributes, add photos, specify prices and discounts. You can change the stock of your store. You can group all the products and services you create in the store into categories and subcategories. The internal store of the CRM system is used in the process of quoting and generating customer contracts.

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Order processing in CRM

Create orders directly from the Shopping Cart or convert accepted and signed Offers into orders. Create payments (cash, transfer, installments, advances), charge commissions and loyalty points.

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Generator of contract and document templates in CRM

All data from the Customer Card, Surveys and Additional Fields, you can save as a so-called “Customer Card”. short codes (short codes) to use them for generating model contracts and documents. With documents generated in PDF, you will save your team’s valuable time to focus on the essentials.

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Projects module

Organize your orders and tasks for clients within the Projects Module. Create categories, tags, add documents and comments, create reminders, assign projects to Processes running in clients.

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Electronic signature in CRM system

SalesWizard CRM allows you to integrate with Autenti electronic signature. Using electronic signatures, you can enter into contracts with your customers remotely, without using paper. The bidding module will also allow you to track bid opening statistics.

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Appointment calendar

Let your potential customers make appointments with your CRM users by providing them with a calendar with free appointments.


SMS and e-mail campaigns

Create simple mailing and SMS campaigns to your contact base. Use service funnels, statuses, tags and other conditions to filter relevant audience groups.


Managing leads and service funnels in CRM

In SalesWizard CRM, you can independently create service funnels (for processes such as sales, service, complaints, service) and funnel statuses. Manage potential customers by assigning them to appropriate funnels, give them statuses, control delays. You can view all your contacts in an intuitive kanban board. You can use funnels not only for sales, but also in the process of complaints, RODO incident reporting, or service fulfillment.

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Capture leads directly into the CRM

Acquire requests (leads) directly into the CRM system. Easily integrate your own website with CRM software. Combine Google Ads and Facebook Ads marketing campaigns with your CRM system. This will ensure that requests from potential customers will flow directly into your system. The WordPress plugin and HTML webhooks will save you time.

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Automation in CRM

Use CRM’s built-in automation to save time on repetitive activities. Use timed (scheduled) and instant triggers to program your own automatic actions, such as sending an email, SMS, status change, offer reminder or creating a task.

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OpenAI icon

CRM integration with OpenAI

Harness the power of the language model from Open AI – ChatGPT to support customer service processes with artificial intelligence. Create your own knowledge bases and use them in various channels of communication with customers.

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Integration with email in CRM

Sending and receiving e-mails in the system will greatly facilitate communication with potential and current customers. With email templates, you can significantly reduce the time to prepare standard and repetitive responses. Storing all messages in SalesWizard will allow you to quickly find the most important information. You can integrate your own named company email or use SalesWizard CRM’s built-in email!

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Integration with WhatsApp Business

CRM integration with WhatsApp Business allows your company to use the popular messenger from Meta to open another channel of communication with your potential customers. Integrate your CRM with WhatsApp Business accounts and communicate via CRM to speed up customer service.

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Online bidding in CRM

The online quoting module through CRM will help you standardize the entire process of handling potential customers in terms of the offers you send them. A standardized offer website, electronic signature, contract generator will help you increase your organization’s sales.

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Offer website

With HTML pages of your listings, you have the opportunity to reach potential customers in an innovative way with your services and products. Create pages unique to each product, emphasizing the positive aspects of your offering. Study bid website openings, obtain bid approvals, and generate electronic signatures right in the online bidding process.

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Google calendars integration

Integrate your Google corporate calendar to import or export events to one of the most popular business calendars.


We are constantly creating new functionalities!

If you haven’t found the functionality you need for your organization, see our Road Map for Application Development.

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Best CRM functionalities

A CRM system, or Customer Relationship Management, is software used to service and manage customer relationships. It is a tool that enables companies to effectively manage customer contacts and automate sales and marketing processes. CRM system functionalities are key to effective customer service and business development.

How does the CRM system work?

The CRM system works by collecting data on customers and their activities, such as contacts with the company, purchase histories or preferences. This information is then used to personalize customer communications and automate marketing and sales activities. With a CRM system, companies can effectively manage customer information, resulting in better business results.

Why is the functionality of a CRM system important?

Thanks to the high functionality of CRM systems, companies can effectively build lasting and fruitful relationships with customers, which is crucial for their growth and success in the market. CRM software that lacks essential functionality, such as the ability to automate sales processes, generate tasks or reminders, will not contribute to the company’s growth. When choosing the right CRM software, it is worth paying attention to the most essential functions.

Effective customer relationship management

Customer relationship management is a key component of any company’s business strategy. With a CRM system, companies can effectively track customer interactions, personalize communications and analyze data on customer behavior and preferences. The benefits of CRM customer service are significant and include improving customer satisfaction, increasing loyalty and generating more leads.

What sales and marketing processes can CRM software handle?

CRM software can handle many sales and marketing processes, such as managing a sales pipeline, conducting remarketing activities or creating personalized marketing campaigns. As a result, companies can better plan and execute their sales and marketing activities, resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness in these processes.

Can SalesWizard CRM be customized to fit my needs?

Yes! If you want additional functionality, you can have us make additional paid modifications to the CRM software or wait for the features we are planning. You can find our application development roadmap on this page.

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