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Franchise industry development

Franchise cooperation is proving to be an increasingly popular business model over the past few years. This is not surprising – the benefits of such synergy accrue to each party. The franchisor can develop its brand and drive expansion, gaining a leadership position in its industry. The franchisee receives ready-made know-how, a network of contacts and support in running his business. However, this cooperation would not be possible without support and the necessary tools. One of them is a practical and intuitive CRM system – SalesWizard.

Problems in the networks franchises

Franchising is a solution that allows both the franchise creator and the franchisee to grow. The franchisor doesn’t have to worry about maintaining individual branches, as franchise recipients do this on its behalf. On the other hand, the franchisee gets a recognizable brand, a secure business idea and valuable contacts with partners supplying the outlet. However, this does not mean that everything is idyllic and trouble-free. The biggest problems arise in terms of information flow and, in the case of service outlets such as credit branches, customer acquisition. Lack of communication consistency between headquarters and franchise outlets is a serious threat to participants in franchise cooperation. To prevent this, solutions must be implemented to streamline the entire network.

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Why a CRM system in a franchise network?

Without the right tools, the work will be difficult or even impossible to do. One such essential solution is a CRM system dedicated to franchising. What is a CRM system anyway and how does it work? The acronym CRM itself is developed as Customer Relationship Management, or customer relationship management. By “management” we mean any interaction on the enterprise-customer line. This could be registration in a loyalty program on the part of the consumer, sending information about a promotion on the part of the franchisee, or informing the franchisor of the opening of a new outlet. It is important to know your customer, monitor their buying habits, and thus tailor your offer and monetize the data. Without a CRM system such as SalesWizard, these activities would be impossible.

Why implement CRM in a franchise?

Both franchisee and franchisor will quickly see the benefits of SalesWizard CRM. Among the major advantages of implementing such a system are:
Analysis of purchasing data – the franchise gains access to information regarding which products/services are bestsellers and which may be a source of loss;
Marketing profiling capability – with the information in the CRM, better-tailored ads can be created, which increases the chances of transactivity;
Quotation and contract generation module – daily documentation activities will become easier with a contract generator and electronic signature;
Process automation – many repetitive but necessary activities will be simplified and accelerated, helped by CRM system modules;
Better information flow – improved communication between the entire franchise helps manage the network from one central branch.

SalesWizard system - an advantage in the CRM market.

Selecting the right partners to work with is crucial to business success. This is known to franchisors, who, after all, have to vet entities willing to cooperate. People who decide to work with a franchise model and are looking for the right brand to be associated with are also aware of this. And why should you bet on SalesWizard’s CRM system? Here are the most important arguments:
Continuous development of the tool – the market is changing dynamically, and with it come new needs, so we adapt to customer expectations;
Access to Polish-language support – instant contact with SalesWizard’s Polish-language support is a convenience that English-language support does not offer;
Intuitiveness of use – SalesWizard CRM system is very easy to use, it does not require previous CRM experience or additional training;
Three subscription plans – we have prepared three flexible cooperation plans to fit the needs and budgets of the franchise network;
Only practical solutions – we offer you access to exactly the tools you need, without unnecessary options that make it difficult to navigate the system.

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