CRM for network marketing

Multi-level marketing is a popular model of cooperation nowadays. It can become even more effective with the implementation of SalesWizard CRM. Account for sales network commissions, provide modern tools for sales growth.

Development of network marketing

Network marketing – also known as multi-level marketing – is a rapidly growing branch based on relationship building, affiliation and referrals. Those who participate in such a network become a kind of brand promoters, taking care not only of the high level of sales, but also of attracting new participants. So it is safe to say that such a promoter combines the work of a sales representative and HR services. A reliable CRM system is needed to reconcile these two roles and execute sales plans online.

Industry problems network marketing

Network marketing is a challenge that engages people in multitasking. Although some people equate network marketing with handing out product catalogs and waiting for possible orders, the reality is quite different. Receiving and forwarding orders for fulfillment is only the final result of previous work. On the one hand, the brand representative must conduct active marketing to promote and develop his own partner network. This, however, requires making recruitment appointments and building up a database of contacts. On the other hand, the basis of network marketing is the sale of available items, from which the catalog margin goes to merchants. Here, too, it is necessary to promote products in-house, which will attract the interest of buyers. These roles can be reconciled with a CRM system.

We will automate your network marketing!

Why a CRM system in networking?

Already knowing what the main challenges are in network marketing, it is worth implementing helpful solutions. An ideal tool will prove to be a CRM system – special software that helps manage customer relationships. It is a comprehensive solution directed for internal use by any member of the sales network. The CRM system will be your information logistics center – there you will find everything you need to know about the current situation. There will also be new contact leads – both in terms of recruitment and assortment orders. The team leader is able to manage his team remotely using an internal communicator. Each person can add notes, generate tasks and assign them to people in the network. You can also hold your vendor network accountable by implementing your own Marketing Plan. You will save a lot of time in calculating commissions and settling incoming payments. And this is just the beginning of the facilities that SalesWizard’s comprehensive CRM system offers you!

Benefits of implementing a CRM system in network marketing

There is no doubt that the right tools help you in your daily work – including in the network marketing industry. Check out what you will gain with SalesWizard CRM:
Order Processing – The CRM will enable the processing of orders and contact leads from the moment they are received until the contact or order is completed;
Marketing plan management – through SalesWizard CRM you are able to prepare a marketing plan for the entire network, as well as for each individual member;
Payment monitoring – SalesWizard CRM monitors cleared and unpaid orders and sends a reminder about upcoming payment deadlines;
Sales commission settlement – the CRM system will help to settle each member of your sales network, calculating the commission due to them and carrying out the commission payment process, regardless of whether your distributor is an individual or a company;
Loyalty program management – create, modify and account for loyalty and points programs that will increase turnover in your partner network.

SalesWizard system - why implement in MLM?

In preparing the SalesWizard CRM system, we focused on practical solutions, simplicity and intuitiveness that will unlock the potential of your sales network. You won’t find unnecessary extras, unreadable icons or difficult-to-understand navigation here. Instead, you will have access to all kinds of tools that will prove useful in a variety of situations. When you choose SalesWizard CRM, you gain, among other things:
Comprehensive solutions – you are able to perform all customer service and relationship management activities in our CRM system;
Diversified cooperation models – we focus on flexibility: choose one of three subscriptions and select additional services necessary for your network;
Support in Polish – instant help from the Polish team, forget about long waiting times and problematic communication in English;
Attractive price – no other CRM software available in Poland offers so many solutions at such an attractive, low price!

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