CRM for the installation and RES industry

Organize your company’s processes in a single CRM system. Lead handling, online quoting, contracting, customer billing, sales network billing, automation. See what we have prepared for the RES industry.

Development of the RES and installation industry in Poland

Renewable energy sources are in high demand, with more than 203,000 new heat pumps installed in 2022 alone. To this should be added photovoltaic installations of more than 362,000 and air conditioners – nearly 150,000. This shows the dynamic development of the RES industry and the enormity of the challenges facing installers and specialists in this market. A CRM system is able to realistically support a company – whether it is a small, local operation or a nationwide enterprise.

Problems in the RES industry -. harvest disaster

On the one hand, the booming RES industry is very good news for business owners who specialize in installing green solutions. After all, it is better to have an excess of clients and appointments booked months ahead than to wait for any order. On the other hand, a huge influx of customers can cause quite a nuisance – failure to handle orders on time, staff shortages or disrupted information flow are just some of the risks. So we can talk about a crop failure that is uncontrollable without the right tools. In theory, you could hire several new employees and assign them specific tasks – customer service, order scheduling, quoting or after-sales support. In practice, however, you don’t need to increase your workforce – all these functionalities are offered to you by SalesWizard, a CRM program for the RES industry.

We will automate your business.

CRM system for the installation and RES industry

What exactly is a CRM system? It is a complete tool for managing the enterprise-buyer relationship. By relationship management we mean a range of activities: from accepting information about the desire to contact by preparing solutions to negotiating an offer or after-sales service. The CRM program for the RES industry will focus on gathering leads, i.e. letting employees know that a person is interested in contacting them and providing an offer. We know that there can be a lot of such inquiries, so instead of answering the phone every now and then, answering emails or responding to messages, all this information will be gathered in one convenient place. There you will be free to manage further activities and plan the work of the entire team and oversee the progress of orders.

How can CRM help the installation and RES industry?

Customers who have chosen SalesWizard CRM appreciate the ease of daily work. A CRM system for the installation and RES industry means such benefits as:
Intuitive solutions – SalesWizard is easy to use, it takes no more than an hour to learn, no previous experience is needed;
Process automation – many activities, such as generating contracts or sending payment reminders, can be done by the system;
Organization of information – SalesWizard’s CRM system allows you to annotate data and comments so that everyone authorized is up to date with the information;
Supervision of finances – the program facilitates control over payments and helps to account for sales network commissions for each contract concluded;
Online quoting – you no longer need to send sales representatives to collect contract signatures, you can do the entire process conveniently, online.

SalesWizard CRM - why is it worth it?

The SalesWizard CRM program was developed in cooperation with industries whose representatives regularly interact with customers. Based on their reported needs and our observations, we have created practical solutions to improve daily operations. Why should you cooperate with us? There are a number of arguments, the most important of which are:
Only practical tools – we are not interested in form over content, our system is based only on regularly used modules;
Flexibility in choosing solutions – we offer our customers 3 subscription plans and add-on packages that you can freely mix and choose;
Regular system updates – we ensure the security of our customers and the data they collect through protective updates;
Support in Polish – foreign CRM systems mean contact only in English, which will not be clear to everyone;
Attractive pricing – SalesWizard CRM is the best proposition on the CRM market comparing the ratio of offered solutions to the price.

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