Cloud CRM system pricing for Your organization

Check out the available CRM SalesWizard Subscription Plans and choose a subscription tailored to your expectations. If you want to commission dedicated modifications, contact us.

Choose a CRM Subscription Plan adapted to your needs

Ready-made CRM subscription plans

Ready-made CRM subscription plans

Choose one of the available CRM subscription plans and enjoy a ready-made solution.

Dedicated CRM modifications

Dedicated CRM modifications

If you’re looking for a dedicated CRM solution, contact us to schedule an appointment. We will discuss your needs and provide a solution.

Pricing of cloud CRM system


PLN 0.00 net

Terms and conditions


Available modules

Language versions


PLN 69.00 net

per user per month

Terms and conditions


Available modules

Language versions


PLN 89.00 net

per user per month

Terms and conditions


Available modules

Language versions


159,00 zł net

per user per month

Terms and conditions


Available modules

Additional modules

Coming soon!

Language versions

Still not sure which Plan to choose?

Do you have questions about implementing a CRM system? Not sure how to get started? Not sure whether to choose a dedicated or SaaS solution? Would you like to get a customized quote? Write to us.

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How do we get your CRM system up and running?

See how quickly we can get your own CRM system up and running in the cloud!

1. Register a subscriber account

Create a free 4B Systems service subscriber account. After its activation, you will gain access not only to the CRM system service.

2. Select a Subscription Plan

After subscriber account activation, select SalesWizard CRM service and activate the selected Subscription Plan.

3. enter payer data

Enter payment card details for recurring debits. You can also choose the Free Plan.

4. Let's get your CRM up and running!

We will get your cloud CRM system up and running within 5 minutes after you pay for the service.

Increase sales of your services and products with SalesWizard CRM!

SalesWizard CRM is a comprehensive system for managing leads, sales funnels, customer communications and offers. Try our CRM system without obligation – you can cancel at any time if we do not meet your expectations.

Why choose SalesWizard CRM?

You will find many CRM solutions for companies on the market. Free, dedicated or installed solutions on the client’s server. How do you choose the right CRM system for your company? Check out what sets us apart!

Support in the implementation of CRM

We are aware that our customers base the operations of their companies on our CRM solution. We provide expert support in adapting the system to your organization’s needs. We are at your service for any questions or problems. We provide implementation and helpdesk services.

Polish development team

SalesWizard CRM is being developed by a team of developers at Polish software house 4B Systems. We have all the necessary expertise and experience to continuously develop a CRM system for your organization.

Innovation and continuous development of the system

SalesWizard CRM is based on our proprietary engine, modern and intuitive layout. We are constantly improving the available features and creating new ones.


Permanent backups of data stored on the servers of the CRM system ensure the highest security of your data.

How to implement CRM in a company?

If you’d like to learn more about how to implement CRM in your company, watch the webinar below.

Learn more about how:

Questions about the CRM price list

Whether you have experience with cloud-based CRM solutions or are just choosing a program for your business, you certainly have questions for us. Read the answers below. You can also contact us.

What is SalesWizard CRM ?

It’s a cloud-based CRM system that you buy monthly online access to and use for as long as you want. You can opt out at any time. You get access to a range of features that will help you and your company be more productive.

Where is my data stored?

We pay great attention to the security of your data. They are located on our servers and are secured. The servers are located in Poland.

How much do I pay for access to the system?

Access to SalesWizard involves the purchase of a subscription license. You can find the current prices of subscription plants in the price list section. The monthly price depends on the Plan purchased, the number of users, and the additional services used (SMS and e-mail dispatches).

Can the SalesWizard system be customized to fit my needs?

SalesWizard is a versatile CRM system with the ability to personalize and customize it to meet the needs of your business and industry. If you need new functionalities, report to us during use – we will check the possibilities of personalization and make dedicated modifications.

How to choose the best CRM system for your company?

When choosing the right CRM system for a company, it is extremely important to consider the pricing of the CRM system. It is important to properly tailor the package to the company’s needs and to determine what functionality is necessary for effective customer relationship management.

It’s also worth exploring CRM system offerings to choose the most functional package to meet your company’s needs and expectations.

The needs of users should also be taken into account when choosing a CRM system. The number of users affects the choice of package and the implementation process, so a thoughtful approach is important.

Is it worth investing in a CRM system?

Investing in a CRM system can bring many benefits to a company. In addition to increasing the efficiency of customer service, the CRM system makes it possible to better capitalize on sales opportunities by better understanding customer needs and tailoring offers to them.

The opportunities to improve customer service with a CRM system are manifold. By collecting data on customers and reporting and analyzing sales data, it is possible to better meet customer needs and tailor offers to meet customer expectations.

Reporting and analyzing sales data is important for the company, as it allows it to track sales performance and adjust its sales strategy to meet current market needs. In this process, the CRM system plays a key role.

Is it possible to order additional modifications to the CRM system?

At SalesWizard CRM, we pay special attention to the individual expectations of our clients. If you are looking for a unique feature, you can have it done as a paid modification or wait for the features we are planning(here you will find the application development plan for the next months).

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