CRM for a marketing agency

If you’re looking for cloud CRM software for your marketing agency, check out what we offer for your industry. Marketing agencies need reliable tools to support their business. One of them is a comprehensive CRM system for processing orders and projects. Service process automation and artificial intelligence will effectively support your agency in daily tasks.

CRM for an interactive agency

Marketing agencies are organizations in which communication with clients is the absolute basis of work. All the activities performed by the agency – from the creation of the advertising strategy to the design of communications to the implementation of the campaign – must be closely coordinated with each other. At the same time, at many stages, there will be a need to discuss an issue with the customer, which requires a rapid and precise exchange of findings. In order to increase the efficiency of work and clearly improve the quality of services, it is worth implementing a support tool in the form of a CRM system.

Manage leads

An effective management system interactive agency

Marketing is now one of the most important branches in the economy. Without advertising, there would be no way to communicate your presence and present your offerings. Successful marketing depends on a number of factors, and the most important of these is a good agency to work with. This one, on the other hand, cannot operate effectively without the right tools to facilitate organization and streamline order processing. The CRM system supports both individual units at work and the entire enterprise in communicating with customers.

Marketing agencies - stressful reality

Working in a marketing agency, you can feel like an orchestra man. The industry is so specific that it requires a creative approach and openness to the customer. One day you’re working on an ad spot for a new flavor of beverage, moments later you’re creating banner ads for a driving school, and at the end of the day you’re planning a strategy for a new bar. On the one hand, clients are demanding, which puts pressure on them to do the best job possible, while on the other hand, they sometimes wonder themselves what they really want. All of this creates stress at work, which in turn can breed chaos. Confusion, in turn, promotes delays, disrupted communication within the company, or confused guidance from the customer. However, this can be effectively prevented by implementing the right tools, such as the SalesWizard CRM system.

What CRM modules will you use in your agency

See what functionalities we have prepared for interactive agencies. Read about the rest of SalesWizard’s features in the CRM functionalities section.

Handling leads and requests

Hook up your marketing campaigns to your CRM system and handle leads directly from SalesWizard.


Assign tasks to team members and review reports on their performance.

Checklists and progress

Create checklists for verification of the service delivery process (e.g., posts added to Facebook by your agency).

Control the time in the sales funnel

Set the duration of each stage of the sales funnel and control the delays.

Manage projects

Create projects entrusted to you by the client – development of a website, implementation of a marketing campaign, preparation of advertising creations.

Internal chat

Communicate with other agency users in the CRM system through internal chat.

We are constantly creating new functionalities!

If you haven’t found the functionality you need for your organization, see our Road Map for Application Development.

We will automate your business.

CRM systems for marketing agencies

In many industries where efficient data flow and high quality of communication with the customer are essential, CRM is present. It is a solution to manage the relationship between the company and the consumer. The specifics of B2B work require the creation of extensive briefs, which contain a range of information necessary for the execution of the order. But that’s not all – the CRM system makes it possible to provide comprehensive customer service without leaving the office. With its help, you can generate documents – including quotes and contracts – to then add a signature and hand over to the customer. A CRM system for marketing agencies is also a chance to acquire leads from a variety of sources in a structured way – from Facebook forms to Google Ads to email contacts.

CRM system - benefits for a marketing agency

Implementing a CRM system in a marketing agency is an action that makes sense! Some examples of the benefits that SalesWizard offers include:
Intuitive handling of leads – the CRM system will allow you to take control of new inquiries and help you respond to sales opportunities as they arise;
Communication with customers – no more information chaos, understatements or doubts, SalesWizard CRM will collect all findings in one place;
Online bid ding – thanks to the bidding module, it is possible to complete the data and generate the documents necessary to conclude a contract;
Running projects – the CRM system will allow you to complete an order, whether it’s a single campaign or an extensive, phased collaboration;
Process automation – you take care of the issues that are really important to you, while we take care of the tedious but necessary work.

Why choose SalesWizard CRM?

SalesWizard is more than just another CRM system on the market. It is a comprehensive tool that addresses the challenges of today’s marketing industry. In creating this system, we focused first and foremost on practical, relevant solutions for our future customers. While the system is extensive, it is certainly not overloaded with unnecessary add-ons. SalesWizard’s key strengths include:
Flexible cooperation system – our customers can choose from three subscription plans, which allows you to fully control your corporate budget;
Intuitive navigation – the system is clear and uncluttered, so you get the most out of SalesWizard;
Continuous software development – we are constantly improving our system, and with the Master Plan you have priority access to the latest solutions;
Increased employee productivity – our customers confirm that SalesWizard allows their employees to complete tasks even more efficiently;
A reliable brand – SalesWizard is a software developed by 4B Systems, a Polish software house with many years of experience.

Explore all the features

Read about wszysrtki features of SalesWizard CRM, schedule a presentation or start a free trial period.

CRM software for interactive agencies

Read questions from our clients – marketing and interactive agencies that have not yet used an advanced CRM system to handle leads, bidding and project management.

What is CRM?

CRM is an English abbreviation of customer relationship management, which can be translated as “customer relationship management”. The broad definition includes all processes, tools and procedures that contribute to interacting and communicating with customers. In this way, CRM is a certain business strategy, a philosophy of operation combining material and intangible aspects. However, the common understanding of the CRM abbreviation is associated with applications and programs whose task is to support the creation and management of a contact database. This – depending on the modules available in CRM systems – also includes sales management and customer communication. A good CRM system is treated not as an expense, but as an investment in the holistic development of the business. These several dozen zlotys a month allow you to save or additionally gain thousands of zlotys every month.

Why does a marketing agency need a CRM system?

Marketing agencies are required to be creative and plan solutions in various time horizons. This means that creative aspects are intertwined with a strictly defined course of action and the need to maintain a communication path. Otherwise, there may be misunderstandings with the client or the original concept may fall apart during individual stages of implementation. That is why it is so important that the entire process is supervised not only by an experienced project manager, but also that each participant has appropriate implementation tools. CRM for a marketing agency – SalesWizard – is certainly one of them. This CRM is like a clearly arranged filing cabinet where you will find everything you need to manage your clients.

Why is it worth implementing CRM in a marketing agency?

CRM is a solution that makes everyday duties easier. Forget about a manual planner, notebook, sticky notes and a few work phones. Forget about fuzzy correspondence with customers, in which it is not known who and when last contacted you and what the effect of the conversations was. Forget about your nerves and time spent analyzing tasks and progress of current work. CRM will introduce order and control over every aspect of work in your marketing agency. Save time by partially automating tasks, especially when handling correspondence and debt collection. SalesWizard will make you have all the information about your customers at your fingertips, which will increase your sales effectiveness. All your employees will have unified information, which will improve efficiency and avoid misunderstandings.

What tasks will SalesWizard CRM help me with in a marketing agency?

SalesWizard is a response to the needs reported by both large marketing agencies and micro- and small businesses employing several employees. This is a set of tools that helps in areas such as:

  • Customer acquisition – ability to integrate the agency’s marketing and promotion activities with Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns;
  • Lead handling in the sales funnel – acquiring and ranking leads with the ability to assign contact priorities;
  • Conducting communication – via CRM it is possible to redirect messages from various emails and messengers to one place;
  • Management of implementation processes – assigning individual tasks and the ability to hold employees accountable for the work done;
  • Information flow – all CRM users have the same amount of knowledge, thanks to which tasks are carried out more efficiently and without errors;
  • Finalization of sales processes – preparation of an individual offer with the option of online settlement and electronic signature.
What CRM functionalities are necessary in an interactive agency?

When creating the SalesWizard tool, we based not only on market needs, but also on our own experience. We know what entities that regularly work with clients in both B2C and B2B need. We made sure that our solutions allowed for increased efficiency and minimized the risk of human error. Examples of solutions implemented in SalesWizard include:

  • Customer file – ability to add, edit and manage a customer profile, as well as adding notes after each contact;
  • Event handling – process individual stages of activity, assigning them subsequent service statuses or modifying threads within the intuitive sales funnel;
  • Online offering – increase your sales effectiveness by comprehensively creating offers based on customer data;
  • Document generator – ability to standardize templates of letters, contracts and other documents, without manually rewriting or copying the content;
  • Electronic signature – shorten the waiting time for concluding a contract or signing a statement thanks to the Autenti signature integrated with CRM;
  • Projects – this functionality will help you break down a collective project into time-based tasks, assigned to employees.
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