Module Projects. For your organization and customers

Organize and manage projects in a CRM system. Assign tasks, micro tasks, documents and comments. Tie projects to your customers. Review projects in the Kanban board.

Organize tasks into Projects for your customers And your company!

Are you outsourcing non-customer related tasks to your employees? Are you performing tasks for your own organization or related to an assignment given by a client? Organize task sets into projects! Give them tasks and micro tasks, add documents, comments, assign due dates. You can track the percentage progress of task groups (categories) of the project.

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Kanban board

Visualize your projects and tasks in the form of a Kanban board, in order to have better control over the statuses of your projects.

Categories and tags

Categorize tasks and projects within editable categories and tags.


Control delays in Projects, tasks and micro tasks.

Project progress

Track the progress of tasks in a project through categories.


Create projects by specifying their duration, assign System Users, associate a Project with a Customer, add documents, tasks and micro tasks.


Attach documents to projects, tasks and micro tasks.

Project Settings

Create custom statuses for projects and tasks. Determine which status is a success and which is a failure. Assign task categories and tags to more easily filter important information across multiple projects.


Create a complete task card – assign Users, define deadlines, create a task checklist (micro task).


Communicate with assigned Users on assigned tasks.

Micro tasks

Create checklists for tasks – micro tasks that you can assign to a User and specify their due date.

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Kanban board - effective project management

In today’s complex business environment, effective project management is a critical skill for any organization. One tool that significantly facilitates the project management process is the Kanban board and project management software.

What is a Kanban board and how can it help in project management?

A Kanban board is a workflow visualization tool that allows you to effectively manage tasks. It is a graphical representation of the stages that each task goes through from inception to completion. Creating an effective Kanban board requires including key steps such as defining columns, assigning statuses and priorities for each task, which helps organize work.

The Kanban board also makes it possible to automate task management, helping to streamline workflows. With its intuitive structure, the dashboard makes it easy for users to monitor progress, search for tasks and view schedules, making it an ideal tool for effective project management.

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Projects module in CRM. Organize your own and your clients' projects

Use the Projects module to manage tasks and projects assigned to your employees. Whether these are internal projects (a new company website or marketing campaign) or client projects (related to the implementation of an order entrusted by the client).

What can I use the Projects module for within my organization?

Use the Projects module to manage tasks and projects assigned to your employees. Regardless of whether these are internal projects (a new company website or a marketing campaign) or client projects (related to the execution of an order entrusted by the client).

What can I use the Projects module for in customer relations?

You can link the created project with your client and, as part of the complex tasks in the project, control the execution of the order/order entrusted by the client. For example, if you run an interactive agency and the client has commissioned you to create a website, as part of the project you will write down a whole set of tasks and micro-tasks aimed at implementing the order. You can easily track the order entrusted by the customer.

What are the advantages of effective project management using a Kanban board?

Integration of the Kanban board with a project management program allows for even more effective project management. Visualizing the workflow on a Kanban board allows the team to report more easily and effectively monitor work progress. This increases the team’s productivity and makes it easier to identify problems and optimize processes.

The Kanban board also enables integration with a project management program, which allows you to create task schedules and assign them to specific people. In this way, project management becomes more transparent and streamlined.

How to use a project management program in conjunction with a Kanban board?

A project management program is a tool that allows you to effectively plan and monitor project tasks. Combined with a Kanban board, it allows you to create task schedules, assign them to appropriate people and track work progress in real time.

In addition, the project management program supports project management methodologies such as Scrum or Agile, which allows for flexible adaptation of the tool to selected work methodologies. Automating the flow of documents and tasks using a project management program contributes to streamlining processes and eliminating errors, which is an important factor in effective project management.

What are the key features of project management software in the context of task management?

Project management software allows you to effectively visualize schedules and workflows, making it easier to monitor task progress. Additionally, integration with design systems enables comprehensive project and task management, which contributes to the improvement of company operations.

Automating the processes of managing leaves, tasks and document flow using project management software eliminates the need for manual monitoring and control these processes, which effectively facilitates project management. In addition, the software provides reporting functions, which enable analysis of work progress and team performance.

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