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CRM for a training company – how to choose a tailored CRM system?

When running a training company, you face many tasks and challenges. One of them is undoubtedly comprehensive, efficient customer service. Use supporting tools to keep information clear and avoid errors. We are talking about a CRM system that helps holistically manage customer relationships.


CRM – what is it?

Anyone who is responsible for customer contact should be familiar with the concept of CRM. It is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. It is a set of procedures that focus on meeting the needs and expectations of contractors. By “procedures” we also mean supporting elements, among which a comprehensive tool is key. When managing customer relations, it is necessary to implement a CRM system. It is a specially prepared program that includes a number of solutions and functionalities necessary when working with clients. The CRM system is based on a database that is processed in an intelligent, convenient way. The whole thing has the character of a “contact file”, where all the contractor’s data and the history of relational actions taken are recorded. This makes a properly tailored CRM system save employees time and increase profits for the company. This is also the case with entities that offer coaching and training.

Effective employee support

Imagine that each of your employees has a separate notebook, book calendar and customer database. You are not in a position to know when and what actions have been taken and whether sales opportunities are imminent. You don’t know what needs a contractor has and what products or services will be the best fit. This is a rather outdated, though still practiced model in some companies, which has many weaknesses. What do you do if your employee suddenly falls ill or resigns and takes his notebook and calendar with him? With a CRM system, you won’t have this problem – all employees will have adequate access to information. This will introduce communication transparency and improve work organization. This will make your training company function much more efficiently – you will get the job done much better and in less time. An investment in CRM is nothing less than an investment in employee comfort and productivity.

CRM system – increase your profits!

Improved quality of work directly translates into increased income. Employees will perform their activities faster and more efficiently, moreover, you will reduce the risk of human error. It is also worth looking at the very solutions that the CRM system offers and there find methods to increase profits. Contacts contained in the CRM system abound with information that increases sales potential, such as products owned, orders previously placed or proposals rejected. This is invaluable knowledge, insight that allows you to point out what is interesting and attractive to the customer, and what will not meet his approval. In this way, each subsequent offer can be even better matched, and thus we increase the chance of establishing a transaction. The deal generator reduces the time a customer has to wait for a contact from the company, and thus allows you to work on a hot lead. An automatic reminder of an unpaid debt, on the other hand, makes it possible to increase the efficiency of debt recovery without involving employees in collection activities.

SalesWizard – CRM to suit your needs!

To use sports jargon, the CRM system plays one goal with you – it is your ally and support. These are just some of the selected benefits of implementing the SalesWizard solution we have prepared. Any training company – regardless of its location, staff size or service catalog – will find many advantages to a CRM system. From the very first day of working with SalesWizard CRM, you will see the benefits in your daily business operations. Contact us or take advantage of our free trial and experience the capabilities of our CRM system! We’ll take care of the workflow and internal administration, you focus on training and coaching your contractors!


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