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Law firms, attorneys’ offices, counselors’ offices, debt collection offices, compensation offices expect specific functionalities from CRM software to support the handling of ongoing cases.

Management system law firm

Professions closely related to the law are in unwavering demand – legal advice and services will always be in demand. However, this does not mean that running a law firm is light, easy and stress-free. Competition in this market is no less than in other sectors, but the pressure is far greater. Even the smallest mistake, a lost document or incorrect legal advice can effectively damage a career. Most mistakes and oversights in organizational issues can be avoided by using the reliable CRM SalesWizard.

Law Offices - responsibility and meticulousness

Representatives of the bar are identified with a high culture of cooperation, excellent knowledge and impeccable preparation. People working at the law firm inspire widespread trust, which allows you to assume in advance that the handling of your case will be of the highest quality. On the one hand, there is a certain benefit that makes the very seriousness of the place awe-inspiring and positive. On the other hand, the client of such a law firm places a lot of trust in the place, which is followed by the burden of responsibility. There is no room for margin of error here, and this applies to everyone – from the trainee trainee through criminalists, civilians or family law attorneys. Every step – from initial contact to advice or case management prescribes a meticulous procedure, in which SalesWizard CRM will prove to be a real support.

We will automate your law firm.

CRM systems for marketing agencies

In many industries where efficient data flow and high quality of communication with the customer are essential, CRM is present. It is a solution to manage the relationship between the company and the consumer. The specifics of B2B work require the creation of extensive briefs, which contain a range of information necessary for the execution of the order. But that’s not all – the CRM system makes it possible to provide comprehensive customer service without leaving the office. With its help, you can generate documents – including quotes and contracts – to then add a signature and hand over to the customer. A CRM system for marketing agencies is also a chance to acquire leads from a variety of sources in a structured way – from Facebook forms to Google Ads to email contacts.

CRM software for a law firm

Running a law firm isn’t just about showing up at client hearings or giving advice. It is primarily the analysis of documents received, conducting interviews to obtain information and circulation of correspondence. SalesWizard’s comprehensive CRM system will prove to be a very good support in this situation. What is a CRM system anyway? It’s a customer relationship management tool – Customer Relationship Management. This system allows you to handle incoming inquiries, make appointments, and provide an offer for cooperation. When handling cases, court visits are inevitable – this can be scheduled thanks to a task planner. Conducting arrangements and sending documents will be efficient thanks to the communication module, and that’s not all we have prepared in the SalesWizard CRM system.

What do we offer law firms?

There are many reasons why your law firm will benefit from implementing a comprehensive CRM system. The most important benefits you will receive are:
Systemize the information – the CRM system will help collect the necessary data that will prove helpful in further dealing with customers;
Generate and process documents – with the CRM system, you can conveniently prepare templates for all the documents you need;
Minimize human error – CRM works in a strictly structured and logical way, which reduces mistakes, incomplete documents or bad shipments;
Task management – each person in the law firm can have tasks assigned to them, and these in turn can include notes or cut-off dates;
Documentation of the proceedings – every step, every click and every action is recorded in the system, allowing you to fully control the cooperation.

What do we offer law firms?

We are aware of the responsibility involved in running our own law firm. In creating the SalesWizard CRM system, we wanted to create a complete answer to the needs facing the legal industry. By working closely with entrepreneurs, legal advisors and customer service personnel, we have prepared comprehensive solutions. When you choose SalesWizard, you gain:
Remote access to the law firm – in SalesWizard you will find all the most necessary information, all you need is Internet access and login credentials;
Support of practical tools – without over-engineered solutions or unnecessary modules, you will find here everything that is useful in your daily work;
Ease of use – an important aspect in the design of SalesWizard was intuitiveness, so that the tool can be easy to use for anyone ;
Instant support in Polish – the vast majority of CRM systems offer problematic, hard-to-reach support only in English;
Attractive financial offer – SalesWizard CRM is an excellent ratio of high quality and available solutions to an affordable, unaffordable price.

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