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    Who is implementing SalesWizard at our clients?

    Meet our experts who will help you implement CRM software in your company, arrange your service funnels (sales, complaints, service), your processes, digitize the most important tasks in the company, introduce automation.

    Tomasz Socha

    Tomasz Socha

    CEO of 4BSystems.pl

    Grzegorz Rzepka

    Grzegorz Rzepka

    Key Account Manager

    Izabela Stryjewska

    Izabela Stryjewska

    IT Implementations

    The most common questions about SalesWizard CRM

    Below you will read the most common questions asked to us by customers about SalesWizard CRM software, the cost of implementing a CRM system in a company, software modifications and terms of cooperation. If you have not found the answers to the questions that are important to you, please contact us.

    I don't know where to start and how to go about implementing a CRM system

    Don’t worry! It is our role to help you go through the process of digitizing your company without too much difficulty. Our implementation team will help you determine your company’s needs, discuss the processes you currently have in place and which you can digitize. We will also check the license variant that will best suit your organization. Learn more about implementing CRM in your company on this page. You can also make an appointment with us for a no-obligation consultation.

    Can someone help me implement a CRM system in my company?

    Of course! If you need our help in implementing CRM software, you can count on us. A dedicated SalesWizard supervisor will help you go through all the necessary points of successful CRM implementation in your company.

    How much does it cost to implement a CRM system?

    SalesWizard CRM pricing depends on the package of available modules and the number of users you want to run the system for. On this page you will find the CRM price list. The total cost of implementing the system also depends on the type of license you decide on, the system modifications you order. Read more about implementing CRM in your company here.

    What functionalities does SalesWizard CRM have?

    Please visit the CRM Functionality page, where you will find a complete list of available modules, along with links to detailed descriptions of each module. We also invite you to visit our channel on YouTube.com, where you will find many videos demonstrating onboarding in the CRM system and its functionalities.

    Can I outsource additional CRM modifications for my company's needs?

    If you need additional functionality in SalesWizard CRM, you can wait for future updates. We publish the application development plan on the application development map page. You can also order paid CRM modifications if the features you want are not on our roadmap.

    Can I recommend SalesWizard to my friends?

    Of course, you can join our Partners – implementers or referrers. You will receive a referral commission for each customer who purchases a subscription with us. You can learn more on the Partner Program page.

    How can I run a trial version of the software?

    Click the“Try it for free” button in the menu to go to the service registration page. You will start the service completely free of charge. To test the system, you do not need to provide your own payment card information.

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