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CRM system for the beauty and wellness industry

Anyone in the beauty industry knows how important it is to properly match treatments or cosmetics to clients’ needs. This would not have been possible without the support of many years of experience, numerous completed courses or simply a good relationship with customers. The same is true for the work of your team – properly structured sales processes or high quality customer service will not be possible without the right dedicated tools. A CRM system will prove essential to the smooth operation of your business.

CRM system for the wellness industry – or for whom?

At the very beginning of this article, it is worth asking ourselves: what do we, as the authors of SalesWizard CRM, really mean by the term “wellness”. It is an extremely broad term, and in creating our system we have covered both the one-person businesses of beauticians, hairdressers, personal trainers and barbers, as well as the entire spectrum of medical service providers. The program is therefore aimed at users such as physiotherapy offices, dietary centers or aesthetic medicine clinics, where treatments are performed under the supervision of physicians. At the outset, we would like to mention that proper CRM functionality in the wellness industry is, in our opinion, the key to efficient and flawless organization, allowing you to plan and report on the actions taken. Therefore, much of the application design sphere was based on an analysis of the needs and expectations reported by various players in this industry. Collected information about daily operations directly from the source is translated into a user-friendly and intuitive system. With this preface of sorts, let’s move on to discuss how CRM supports companies that have decided to test the proposed solution.

What is a CRM?

CRM is an acronym expanded to Customer Relationship Management which in Polish means “Customer Relationship Management.” This concept has been known for almost 40 years, when a revolution in the perception of the customer and his needs took place. Previously, marketing was – in a nutshell – about selling anything and everything. However, it is difficult to expect a sportswear manufacturer to sell carpets, an extremely different assortment, but we are still talking about the textile industry. Instead, business visionaries saw value in current buyers and the feedback they leave. It was understood that they are a kind of “ambassadors” of consumers still unobtainable, but available at their fingertips. All you need to do is add a new cut, a different flavor or a more interesting design, and you can easily satisfy a large number of existing and new customers. The process of collecting data manually, using surveys, interviews or satisfaction surveys has been an important link in relationship management. However, in the age of digitization and the increasing popularity of computers, a way has been discovered to save time and money. This is how advanced software was created, combining a range of tools for automating tasks, collecting data, creating offers or scheduling activities in a calendar.

Marketing in the wellness industry

It would seem that the medical, cosmetic or any other wellness industry does not need advertising. Each of us wants to feel beautiful, look young and enjoy good health, and the desire to change imperfections comes from itself. Nothing could be further from the truth – modern sales presupposes a marketing model in which the customer, as it were, has to be led by the hand, to reveal to him needs that he may not notice at first glance. A good example would be the January period of hot leads for personal trainers, which is due to increased gym traffic. Many people with negligible physical activity feel that they need to start exercising, but how are they supposed to achieve their desired fitness or figure without the help of a personal trainer? What set of workouts will be appropriate and how to realistically set a goal horizon? Without proper support and interest, such a gym customer will quickly lose his motivation and then terminate the contract. In this situation, both the facility and the trainers it employs will be at a loss, as they failed to take care of new customers. Implementing a CRM system in this situation makes it possible to take action that not only retains the contractor, but also enables effective sales of side products and services.

Benefits of implementing and integrating a CRM system in e-commerce

By clicking on this text, you probably want to find out not only what all this CRM is, but also why you should need it. It’s time for the most important part of the post, i.e. what benefits you will get by implementing SalesWizard CRM into your business. Here is a selection of the most important benefits:
  • Work streamlining – automating processes and performing tasks faster will translate into the ability to perform more duties within a certain time horizon.
  • Saving money – a CRM system is an investment that, on the one hand, maximizes profits and, on the other, will help save cash in many areas.
  • Prevention of information noise – a unified form of individual tasks and the ability to add notes will make the task equally understood by all members of the organization.
  • Higher quality of customer service – faster processing of tasks, instant response to contact or access to current information makes you a competent support in the eyes of the customer.
  • Planning facilitation – CRM system functionalities allow not only to account for tasks in the short term, but also to plan projects with a given client many months ahead.
  • Convenience of use – importing contacts will allow you to start working right away in a new, more convenient, clear and perfectly organized environment with the necessary tools.
  • Increased efficiency – a benefit derived from all of the above; performing tasks faster at a cheaper cost and with minimized errors means a whole new quality of work.

The most important CRM modules for the wellness industry

Would your client trust a self-proclaimed personal trainer, who has no professional education and completed courses, but has watched bodybuilders on YouTube? Would your client agree to test untested cosmetics of unknown origin during facial cleansing treatments? Of course not. Trust is the basis for any form of transaction, and once damaged reputation is very difficult to rebuild. That’s why when it comes to CRM in the beauty and wellness industry, bet on proven, reliable solutions. SalesWizard doesn’t accept compromises or half-measures – we give you the tools to manage and sell effectively in one place! What exactly can you look forward to when you register as a SalesWizard user? For a range of amenities – from the ability to create, manage and account for tasks to integrate with AI and centralize communications to access to extensive sales data analytics. Of all the functionalities, we have selected and discussed the three most important – you can find more information in one place at this link.

Comprehensive customer database

A CRM system is more than just a calendar with the ability for customers to self-register and make appointments. It’s a comprehensive file containing a rich array of information on everyone who has interacted with your business. Here you will find such data as currently active packages, scheduled benefits or relationship history, including proposed products or services. The information panel will tell you when and by what route the last contact took place, what the topic of the conversation was, and what the aftermath of the interaction was. You can add notes to each customer, allowing you to draw conclusions and increase sales effectiveness. Even if you haven’t been in contact with a particular contractor for months, the database will allow you to quickly remember who you are dealing with and what you can offer. It is worth mentioning that you can create offers based on a dedicated online quoting module. If you’re selling online or by mail order, a great addition is an inventory function that shows product availability in real time.

Automatically perform repetitive tasks – save time

How much time per week do you spend on tasks that are tedious, repetitive, but necessary to complete? Two hours, ten, or maybe twenty? How many times have you found yourself writing back to the same question that de facto has its answer on your website or social media profile? Or are you still manually reminding forgetful people to pay their order, settle their dues or make a down payment? All these tasks can be done for you by the artificial intelligence you implement with SalesWizard CRM. The OpenAI module enables end-to-end automation: from a chatbot that conducts conversations, collects leads and provides assistance to security mechanisms against malicious hacking attacks. This is an invaluable support especially for those entrepreneurs who operate as a sole proprietorship.

Conducting analytics of sales and direct marketing activities

Today’s CRM systems make it possible to improve work not only in the area of stationary customer, but also in online commerce. The system supports all e-commerce activities, including remote quoting, order fulfillment supervision or marketing campaign management. Renewing memberships, making follow-up appointments or cross-selling are just some of the activities made possible by working with the CRM system. By this term we also mean all activities related to direct marketing, among others. Telephone contact with customers based on current promotions and offers. Every e-mail, every conversation, every offer made is also recorded in the history of actions taken. Based on this, it is easy to prepare an effectiveness report, which gives you the opportunity to refine your sales techniques and improve customer service. The administrator can easily gain insight into the statistics, and this will help improve the conversion rate and increase the volume and effectiveness of sales.

Why choose SalesWizard CRM?

The above three major modules are just the beginning of the benefits you will find in SalesWizard. This software is the result of the work of a Polish software house based in Warsaw, Our programmers are specialists with many years of experience in the IT industry, who created SalesWizard from scratch. By choosing our solution, you can count on a clear, intuitive-to-use CRM with support from a Polish-speaking technical team. The issue of Polish support will make it much easier for you to take the first steps and solve any problems. The system allows you to optimize processes related to the operation of your business both in the stationary sphere and in the e-commerce area. You will notice the benefits of this solution both in the first days after implementation and in the long term. By choosing SalesWizard, you will gain an organizational advantage over other companies in the industry that have not yet opted for CRM. Predictability of costs is also an unquestionable advantage – an invoice for a known amount in advance will arrive in your email every month. We focus on flexibility – we offer you a free, seven-day trial period with no commitment, and once you’ve established a relationship, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Click here and see how many benefits you can get with SalesWizard!


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