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CRM for a travel agency

Running a travel agency is only a seemingly simple business. Such companies combine a number of activities, where one mistake projects the entire project. A missing document, a mismatch of dates or a misunderstanding with a resident are stumbling blocks that can turn customers’ vacations into a nightmare. To prevent this from happening, it makes sense to use tools that improve efficiency and quality of work – such as a CRM system.

What is a CRM?

If you haven’t had a chance to get acquainted with the term CRM before, we are already rushing to explain. The acronym “CRM” itself refers to the term “Customer Relationship Management,” which freely translated means “CustomerRelationship Management.” By this term we refer to all the steps taken and tools available that are used when contacting customers. Holistically speaking, CRM is a certain philosophy, a kind of mindset of the company that puts the needs and preferences of the customer at the center. In order to operate relationality and tasks efficiently, various models and programs – the tools mentioned earlier – are used. One of them is a CRM system, a dedicated IT solution. With its help, you can manage all customer-related data in the virtual space. All contact requests, current and historical orders or prepared documents will be in the CRM system. It can be likened to a file with information that will be used for effective work and efficient bidding.

Why is a CRM system so important?

There is no denying that the essence in travel agencies is multitasking, i.e. conducting several tasks at once. Sometimes there is even a situation in which one person – usually a branch manager or team leader – performs several roles. In such a situation, it is not difficult to make an oversight due to an excess of duties or simple forgetfulness. The CRM will help you take control of the situation and oversee all tasks. It’s not just a tool for managers – it’s also a daily support for lower-level employees. With solutions such as SalesWizard, any authorized person will be able to handle incoming leads, as well as process tasks. This way, everyone will know who is responsible for the process and at what stage the topic is being implemented. This will improve the efficiency of work and avoid the situation where three people are working on one client and two other topics have not been addressed. This translates directly into higher efficiency in the execution of tasks, thus minimizing the risk of errors and satisfaction with service.

CRM system for a travel agency

According to the OCCP, as many as 6.3 million people used a travel agency in 2022. This is a huge amount of data that needs to be properly managed and processed so that the consumer enjoys the vacation of his choice. While many customers book on their own, there are also those who visit stationary outlets and consult their choice with an advisor. And both pools must be served by an efficient CRM system that allows for effective lead management. Even a large number of variables – the choice of airport transfers, an infant’s bed, optional excursions or optional food – will not be a hindrance to our system. It will also not be a problem to filter the offer, for example, by the standard of the hotel, the length of the trip or the possibility of choosing accommodation with a pet. Ongoing service isn’t enough – it’s worth trying to maintain relationships, which increases the chance of repeat business. This will be helped not only by friendly and knowledgeable staff, but also by a personalized offer selected on the basis of the order history recorded in the CRM. The entire handling process can be further streamlined by implementing automation mechanisms. Thus, a CRM system for a travel agency will do the tedious work in no time.

SalesWizard CRM for travel agencies

There is no doubt that a CRM system is an investment in better quality work and a chance to generate more profits. Thinking about entrepreneurs – including travel agents – we have prepared SalesWizard CRM. When selecting solutions for our proprietary program, we focused on universality, intuitiveness and ergonomics of use. As a result, any travel agency and any employee – regardless of computer proficiency – is able to navigate the CRM efficiently. The crux of the program is the handling of online reservations and orders placed by the stationary customer. You can import any data related to the office’s offerings into the application, as well as prepare ready-made document templates. Thus, the stationary customer service will be quick and pleasant, without the need to fill out dozens of boxes and time-consuming searches. You will instantly know who, when and what offer they chose thanks to online channel service funnels. This will help you take a still hot lead and contact to finalize the deal. Find out how much you can gain with SalesWizard! Take advantage of our seven-day trial period and contact our experts if needed.


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