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Multifunctional CRM – one tool for many tasks

Everyday work in customer service-related sectors often involves multitasking. We’re not only talking about handling several or more clients at the same time, but also performing varied tasks. In order for the whole process to be systematized and all tasks to be completed, it is necessary to implement a CRM system. It should be developed with a lot of functionality, so that you can complete daily tasks and cope with challenges.


A multifunctional CRM, that is?

The market for tools and services offered by the broader IT sector is extremely diverse. From simple, free applications through sophisticated programs that all have one common goal: to make everyday work easier. The CRM system is no different – it is the one that largely organizes the process of communication with the customer. Today’s CRM offerings are really wide, and you will notice the differences not only in price. The dynamics of work and the multitude of processes taking place in customer service departments force employees to perform a variety of tasks. Appointments can be recorded on a calendar, assigned tasks can be written down on sticky notes, and email, company chat or social media profiles can be used to communicate with customers. This is just the tip of the iceberg, which should fit within a single, simple and convenient program. A multifunctional CRM is a must-have for any company – whether it is a micro-enterprise with a few employees or a global corporation with thousands of employees. Using such an application, you can significantly increase the efficiency and comfort of your work, while minimizing the risk of human error.

The most important CRM functionalities

Many software houses choose to prepare their software, but not every one is very popular. This is because of the mismatch between the needs of the companies that will use the software. A multifunctional CRM should therefore not only offer a broad suite of tools, but also useful, everyday features. Among the most important capabilities of the multifunctional CRM are:


  • Customer file – an organized space for securely storing data about contractors and the goods or services they have purchased.
  • Concentration of contact forms – leads, or sales opportunities in the form of contacts to potential customers, appear in one place.
  • Integration with the store – the possibility of convenient quoting, control of sales processes and inventory or progress of orders.
  • Generate contracts – this greatly simplifies the process of preparing documents and effectively minimizes the risk of formal errors.
  • Work coordination – physical schedules and digitized kanban boards, i.e. all functionality for assigning and accounting for tasks to employees.
  • Web templates – this functionality allows you to create a store page or each service separately in a convenient way with a consistent layout.
  • AI integration – Artificial intelligence can perform a range of tasks, from filtering SPAM messages to carrying on a conversation with a customer.


Multi-functional CRM – one tool for many employees

We can liken the multifunctional CRM to a multitool. It’s a must-have for anyone who has even minimal contact with the outdoors – from the hiker to the scout, the soldier to the survivalist or “handyman.” There are a variety of utensils in one tool, with which you can perform a multitude of activities. It is handy, practical and convenient, much more affordable than carrying a pair of combos, a knife and a set of screwdrivers with you on an expedition. Similarly with multifunctional CRM, at which any person who has at least minimal contact with customers will find himself. From the call center employee through the order fulfillment, collection and claims departments to the marketer and sales analyst. In a single tool – such as SalesWizard – there will be useful functionalities to handle a range of processes comprehensively. Acquiring leads, creating sales funnels and tasks, online quoting, generating contracts or reporting are just a selection of the most popular functions. You’ll try out all the capabilities of the multifunctional CRM system with a free seven-day
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