CRM integration with Open AI

Harness the power of the Open AI language model to automate your company’s processes. Generate automatic email and SMS responses and create your own Knowledge Base to respond to your customers faster!

Speed up your company's response time to your customers' inquiries

Integrating the Open AI language model into SalesWizard CRM will allow you and your company to speed up processes such as responding to requests, answering repetitive questions about services offered (FAQs), and generating SMS and email messages.

How will you use AI in CRM?

At SalesWizard CRM, we continue to expand the SalesWizard AI module so that you can use it in many aspects of your organization’s work. Below you will learn what features we already offer and what features we will soon launch.

Chatbot AI

Build your own AI chatbot based on your organization’s expertise in any field. Use a chatbot to communicate with potential customers and also for CRM user support.

Generate SMS and e-mail responses

Generate AI responses to common inquiries from your customers and prospects. AI will prepare the most targeted response to queries based on the knowledge base provided.


Use an AI chatbot to generate a claim record. Collect the required data from the customer (description of the problem, buyer data, date of purchase, purchase document) to accept their complaint directly into the CRM system.


Generate orders directly into the CRM system based on potential customer expectations. The AI chatbot will dynamically retrieve all the required product data and prepare the order record for further processing.

Coming soon!

Reports and analysis

Use AI to create summaries of communications with potential or current customers to get quick reports and summaries of the current situation.

Coming soon!

Create your own "Knowledge Base" and use AI in your business!

Create and develop an organizational Knowledge Base in CRM SalesWizard to teach a language model for optimal answers to your prospects’ and current customers’ most common questions. Control the responses by submitting Discrepancy Reports to improve the language model. Account for OpenAI usage based on current consumption.

How to enable Open AI integration with SalesWizard CRM?

Define the appropriate communication model, enable the generator for each module (SMS, e-mail) and make the option available to system users. That’s all you need to do to use Open AI in your business.

Open AI / ChatGPT. Questions about using artificial intelligence in SalesWizard CRM

The goal of implementing the Open AI/ChatGPT language model integration in SalesWizard CRM is to improve the quality of communication and the speed of responses given to potential customers. The construction of the Knowledge Base and further teaching of the language model in the individual CRM system will make it possible in the near future to automate the processes of handling inquiries and analyze the collected data gathered. Read what questions our customers are asking in connection with using Open AI in their company.

Pursuant to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the processing of personal data such as name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. requires a legal basis. If you do not use data that allows you to identify a person as part of the transferred data, then the GDPR problem does not apply to you. As part of the integration of Open AI with SalesWizard, we anticipate that data may be transferred, therefore, before using Open AI in the CRM system, you must consent to such processing (both in the form of accepting the Terms of Service and in the form of additional consent already granted in the system). If you provide personal data, be sure to obtain consent from the entity whose data is processed!

What can I use the Open AI answer generator for?

The application of the Open AI language model is quite wide: generating articles on various issues, proofreading human-made content, translations, creative (literary) work. It is important to verify the correctness of the received answers, because there are still cases of this model giving incorrect answers.

In the case of Open AI integration with SalesWizard, artificial intelligence is used to generate SMS and e-mail messages and to create personalized, unique content, generated on the basis of the Knowledge Base provided by the system administrator. This knowledge can be used both in communication with clients/potential clients and for training a team of company employees. In the future, we plan to expand the functionality of Open AI with additional modules, such as bidding, negotiations, information on the status of orders or payments, and generating reports based on the data processed in the system.

How to prepare the Knowledge Base for the SalesWizard system?

You can prepare a knowledge base for the Open AI language model based on the article we published on the blog. Read this article.

I have a database of company emails. Can I import it into Open AI to generate responses?

If the data is processed into text format, it can be used to train the Open AI language model. However, we do not recommend importing the entire database due to the high probability of inaccuracy of the data contained in the email database, as well as the content of personal data of persons who have not consented to the processing of their data for such a purpose. It may be possible to use this data after organizing, grouping and “tagging” all the information contained therein. You can read about how to prepare a Knowledge Base for Open AI on our blog.

How much does it cost to use Open AI in SalesWizard CRM?

The price of using Open AI artificial intelligence depends on the language model used and the amount of data transferred. Each time the model is used, the number of tokens used is given, which is then converted into a value in PLN. You only pay for the tokens you use. Integration with Open AI is only available in the Master Plan.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced language model that uses machine learning algorithms to generate texts based on user expectations. This model was created by OpenAI and plays a key role in automating content creation processes.

What possibilities does ChatGPT-4 offer?

ChatGPT-4 is the latest version of the GPT model (as of December 2023!), which offers even more advanced text generation functions. By integrating with other technologies, ChatGPT-4 enables the generation of high-quality, SEO-optimized content, which makes it extremely useful in the content creation industry.

Currently, there is a growing popularity of AI language models such as ChatGPT-4. Trends in the development of these models focus on personalizing the generated text, optimizing the content generation process and integrating with other technologies to create comprehensive business solutions.

How is OpenAI artificial intelligence changing content creation processes?

OpenAI artificial intelligence, including the ChatGPT model, is revolutionizing the way content is created by automating the text generation process. Thanks to its generative and creative functions, AI enables both rapid content creation and the generation of unique content that can be used for various marketing purposes.

What are some practical examples of using AI to generate content?

Examples of practical applications of artificial intelligence for content generation include creating automatic product descriptions, generating blog articles with a high number of searched keywords, and personalizing content based on user behavior. Thanks to this, companies can automate the content creation process and adapt it to the individual needs of recipients.

How does artificial intelligence support content personalization?

Artificial intelligence, including AI-based chatbots, enables content personalization by analyzing user data and adapting the generated text to the recipients’ preferences. Thanks to this, the created content is more relevant and engaging for users, which translates into better marketing results for companies.

How does artificial intelligence support content personalization?

Artificial intelligence, including AI-based chatbots, enables content personalization by analyzing user data and adapting the generated text to the recipients’ preferences. Thanks to this, the created content is more relevant and engaging for users, which translates into better marketing results for companies.

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