CRM system for the insurance and financial industry

Insurance agencies, brokers, financial and investment advisory firms need reliable tools and automation.

CRM Software for the financial industry

The insurance and financial industries are branches that process sensitive data and classified information. This places enormous responsibility on them, while excluding the margin for any error. The organizational culture in insurance and finance must be impeccable, as must customer relationship management. With hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of private and corporate customers under your belt, comprehensive support is essential. This is where an effective and reliable SalesWizard CRM system will prove indispensable.

Responsibility in the insurance and financial industry

Any person who has worked at least for a while in a bank or insurance agency knows that these are special places. We are talking not only about the uniqueness of the services offered, but also about special restrictions on conduct. At each stage of application processing, there is a need to supervise data and correspondence circulation. Even the smallest lapses can turn into an avalanche of financial and legal consequences. This, in turn, can effectively undermine reputation, causing customers to lose confidence in the financial or insurance entity. To protect yourself from such a scenario, it is worthwhile to take advantage of helpful solutions in advance. An ideal example of an indispensable tool is the SalesWizard CRM system. It helps with customer relationship management, lead handling and after-sales support.

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CRM systems for insurance and finance

How many clients can a single agent or advisor serve at a really high level? Without CRM support, it could be 12, 15 at most. After all, it’s impossible to remember all the details about the vehicle you’re insuring or your banking product needs. However, a comprehensive CRM system is able to multiply this number thanks to the data files created. Thus, a single employee can handle dozens or even hundreds of contractors and be sure not to confuse information. However, a CRM system is not just a collection of information – it’s also a fantastic solution for managing a team or planning a marketing campaign. With the help of a tool such as SalesWizard CRM, it is also possible to effectively provide after-sales services.

What do you gain from implementing a CRM system?

Any innovation should translate into real employee support and productivity improvements. This is also the case with the SalesWizard CRM system – learn about its advantages:
Structured lead handling – get control of incoming contact requests and inquiries from various sources using just one tool;
Process automation – some of the tasks are tedious but unavoidable, in such cases the CRM system will perfectly relieve employees from routine activities;
Generate documents – with CRM SalesWizard you can instantly prepare the necessary documents, including ready-made contracts;
Control over the actions of employees – every step is closely monitored, which increases the level of security and improves the quality of operation of the facility;
Sales reporting – thanks to the CRM system, your employees can instantly report sales, with which they will complete the set plans.

4B Systems for the insurance and financial industries

We know very well how important it is to take into account the specifics of a particular industry when creating comprehensive solutions. In creating the SalesWizard CRM system, we invited a variety of entrepreneurs and their employees to work with us. Thanks to the insights given to us and signaling important needs, we have created a tool ideal for everyday work. SalesWizard CRM is worth choosing for many reasons:
Practical solutions – there is no functionality here that is useless, SalesWizard CRM includes those tools that you will use on a daily basis;
Intuitive operation – you don’t need any prior experience or training to work with SalesWizard CRM, everything is simple and easy;
High level of security – advanced solutions allow secure processing of personal data only by authorized persons;
Regular updates – we are constantly developing and improving SalesWizard CRM, so you get the best solutions for your needs;
Proven developers – SalesWizard CRM was developed by 4B Systems: an experienced, trusted software house from Warsaw.

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