Automation of customer service processes in CRM

Use SalesWizard CRM automation to speed up and automate the handling of daily, repetitive tasks. Define triggers (triggers) and conditions for triggering actions to save time for renewing offers, adding tasks, automatically sending emails and SMS messages.

Automation of customer service in CRM system

Save time on repetitive tasks thanks to automations

Automating repetitive tasks in your company will save you and your team time for more creative tasks. Automate the processes of handling leads, providing responses, notifying of significant events in the CRM system. Create automations without any restrictions!

Is it possible to automate your business?

Yes! You can already leverage the Open AI language model (read more here) and native automations in SalesWizard CRM to speed up and automate repetitive processes.

In your company, like many other organizations, employees perform repetitive tasks. Automate them, and use the time you save for your team’s creative activities! What can you automate? Receiving requests, making initial contact with a potential customer, gathering the basic information needed to prepare a quote or order, and much, much more.

How to enable automation in CRM?

Check out the video below on how you can quickly enable CRM automation for repetitive activities! You can find more of our video tutorials on implementing CRM in your company on our channel. You are welcome!

What processes can you automate in SalesWizard CRM?

See what repetitive processes you can automate in SalesWizard CRM. You can use automation both in the sales funnel and in other company processes, such as processing complaints, informing about order status changes, reminding about the shipment of an offer. These are just some of the automations you can use to streamline your organization!

Impact of the application

The received notification depending on the source of origin (Facebook, company website) will be assigned to a specific user, and the potential customer will receive an SMS and e-mail.

The customer opened an offer

Your salesman will receive a text message about the open offer, and the potential customer will receive an email offering to discuss the offer.

The customer has signed a contract

Your salesman will receive a text message and email after signing an electronic contract, and the customer will receive a thank you email. In addition, the status of the process funnel will change.

Change in the status of the process funnel

The user has changed status in the sales funnel, another user will be added to the process and receive an automatic task with a specific content and deadline.

Change of task status

The user has completed or failed to complete the task, his supervisor receives an SMS or e-mail notification of the change.

Change in the checklist

The user marked the point on the checklist, the customer will receive an SMS or e-mail information.

Change in order status

The user has changed the status of the order, the customer will receive an SMS and email, and the process will change its status.

Adding a potential customer to the database

A new potential customer has hit the database and has been tagged, automatically the User will be assigned and given a task.

How to enable automation in SalesWizard?

Automations are available in the System Master Plan. They can be defined by the system administrator. You can define automations based on a timed trigger (e.g., at a certain time after an event occurs) or immediately – based on the triggering action.

Automation of service processes in CRM

Automating service processes in CRM is a game changer for most organizations. Today, more and more of our time is spent on monotonous and repetitive tasks that can be easily automated. Read more about the automation module in SalesWizard CRM.

Are automations charged extra?

You don’t pay extra for automation. You can create an unlimited amount of automation in your CRM system. Automations are available in the highest Master Plan.

What automations can I create?

In the system you will find a whole range of immediate triggers and time triggers. These will be, for example: receipt of a notification to CRM, change of Contact or Process status, change of order status, opening of an offer or signing of a contract by a customer. You can make the automatic actions performed dependent on meeting additional conditions, such as your Contact (customer) being in a specific status or process funnel. Automatic actions you can perform include: sending an SMS, sending an e-mail, creating a note, tasks, assigning a user to a Contact, or changing the status.

What are the benefits of customer service automation?

Automation of customer service in the CRM system brings many benefits that are crucial for modern companies. Improving efficiency is one of the most important advantages because it allows you to optimize business processes, which translates into increased effectiveness of sales and marketing activities. Personalizing customer interactions is also an important factor that allows companies to better understand customer needs and provide them with personalized services. Moreover, customer service automation helps to increase sales conversion by effectively managing potential sales opportunities.

What is customer service automation in a CRM system?

Customer service automation in the CRM system means the use of various tools and solutions that allow for automatic performance of repetitive customer service tasks. These include automated email sending, AI chat integration for customer service, and automatic generation of notifications for the sales team. Thanks to this, customer service processes become more effective and time-consuming, and staff can focus on more strategic tasks.

What are the most important tools for automating customer service in CRM?

There are many tools in the CRM system that allow for effective automation of customer service. One of the key elements is the sales funnel integrated with the CRM system, which allows you to track the sales process and identify the stages at which the customer may need support. In addition, an AI chatbot for direct contact with customers is an extremely useful tool that enables quick and effective communication with customers in real time. The notification and reminder system for the customer service team is also an important element that allows for effective management of customer contacts and action deadlines.

How to automate the sales and marketing process in the CRM system?

To automate the sales and marketing process in the CRM system, it is worth using advanced solutions based on artificial intelligence. The use of artificial intelligence in lead processing allows you to significantly save time in performing repetitive activities, which in turn translates into an increase in the effectiveness of sales activities.

Why is customer service automation a key element in modern business?

Customer service automation is a key element in modern business due to its positive impact on the effectiveness of sales and marketing activities, improving customer relationships through a personalized approach and increasing potential sales opportunities thanks to process automation. By using solutions based on automation, companies have a chance to effectively manage work flow and generate reports that help in making strategic business decisions. Implementing customer service automation allows you to effectively transform repetitive tasks into automated processes, allowing teams to focus on more strategic activities.

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