RES CENTER sp. z o.o.
Handling leads, quoting and generating contracts

RES-CENTRUM sp. z o.o. deals with RES installations – sales, installation and service of heat pumps, photovoltaics.

The company offers its products through a direct sales model.

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SalesWizard Modifications

Unique modifications to SalesWizard CRM to customize the system to meet customer expectations

Online bidding

Online bidding of customers with customized RES industry expectations

Managing leads with Facebook Ads

Notification module helps manage the leads received and automate the first contact

Online bidding in the RES industry

RES-CENTRUM sp. z o.o. Offers installation services – installation of photovoltaic and heat pump systems. It also specializes in the thermal modernization of buildings to improve their energy balance.

The company’s services are sold through a network of sales representatives. The problem for the company was how to effectively distribute inquiries to representatives in the field and how to monitor bids submitted, sales closings and the contracting process.

The client was also challenged to implement a process funnel to manage incoming customer inquiries for RES installations. RES-CENTRUM runs marketing campaigns, and the CRM system was intended to help centralize data.

The functions used by RES-CENTRUM sp. z o.o.


Inquiries coming in from Facebook Ads are automated – potential customers receive an SMS and email message.

Integration with Facebook Ads

SalesWizard’s integration with Facebook Ads allows for immediate delivery of inquiries from potential customers directly to the CRM.

Online bidding in CRM

Offers are prepared in CRM. RES-CENTRUM knows exactly how many offers have been sent to customers, how many have been opened, and how many of them are accepted.

We decided to implement SalesWizard CRM in our company. We have organized the basic processes of handling contacts, customers and quoting. We continue to work to provide the perfect solution for our company.

Sebastian Berlowski
CEO of RES-CENTRUM sp. z o.o.

How we helped RES-CENTRUM sp. Ltd. lay out the company's processes?

The company processes carried out by the client in the CRM system involved several areas of operation: handling requests and leads, collecting the data necessary for the audit, the quotation process (preparing and sending offers to potential customers) and generating the client agreement.

In the implementation, we used existing functionalities of the SalesWizard system, modifying some of them to meet the expectations of the client and the RES industry.

We helped the client arrange the following company processes:

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