Campter sp. z o. o.
Obtaining and handling reports

Campter sp. z o. o. offers compensation claims services in Poland and abroad. The law firm handles cases involving victims of accidents at work and accidents. road.

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SalesWizard Modifications

Unique modifications of SalesWizard CRM tailored for the legal and compensation industry

Legal marketing

We have prepared landing pages to obtain more damage reports

Implementation of service processes

We have implemented processes for handling notifications and compensation cases, ensuring effective reporting of effects (successes and failures)

Handling notifications and compensation cases in CRM

Campter sp. z o. o. represents people injured in accidents in Poland and abroad (in European Union – France, the Netherlands, Belgium), Norway and Great Britain, as well as the USA.

The law firm conducts compensation cases based on the effect, charging a commission on the compensation obtained.

Campter sp. z o. o. has been developing its own CRM systems for years, finally deciding on a SaaS solution – thanks to ensuring constant care, security and CRM development.

The purpose of CRM implementation was primarily to automate the handling of notifications obtained by the company from the Internet – Google Ads and Facebook Ads as well as via your own landing pages.

CRM functions used by Campter sp. z o. o

Reports in CRM

We have integrated reports from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, HTML, the Law Firm’s landing pages with the CRM system.

Automation of notifications

Each potential client receives an SMS and e-mail after sending the application. An employee of the Law Firm is automatically assigned to a new notification and receives a task.

Generator of letters and documents

Using the database of collected information about the case, we introduced templates of letters and documents in the law firm for automatic generation – contracts, powers of attorney, damage reports, requests for payment.

Before implementing SalesWizard CRM, we worked on proprietary systems. The main problem at the law firm was managing the reports we received from potential clients. Reports were sent primarily to the company's main email address, from where they were forwarded to responsible persons. This procedure caused significant delays. Customers were not interested in our services just a few hours after sending the application. Thanks to the implementation of SalesWizard CRM, we automated the lead handling process. We are very pleased with the results obtained.

Marta Sordon
Customer service specialist

How did we help Campter sp. z o. o. implement CRM for ticket management and improve the results of marketing campaigns?

Thanks to the implementation of process funnels, we have systematized the notification handling processes at Campter Odkodania, segmenting the Law Firm’s potential clients into countries of origin of the damage.

We have connected the company’s landing pages, marketing sources – Google Ads and Facebook Ads with SalesWizard CRM – all leads they come straight to the staff.

We have introduced automation – each potential client of the Law Firm receives an SMS and e-mail informing about the required documents necessary to assess the claim, the procedure and the benefits of cooperation with Campter Compensation.

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