Electronic signature in CRM system

Take advantage of electronic signature capabilities to enter into contracts, sign forms and other documents faster. Check out the electronic signature integrated with the CRM system and save time on contract processing.

Use an electronic signature to accelerate the conclusion contracts.

Electronic signatures are now the standard in B2B relationships. It is also appearing more and more in B2C relationships. The spread of digital government services (ePUAP) is also influencing the popularization of commercial electronic signatures in the consumer market. Signing contracts electronically reduces sales time, saves the time needed to prepare, print, mail and archive contracts. Harness the potential of an electronic signature integrated with your CRM platform!

Electronic signature features in SalesWizard CRM

SalesWizard CRM is integrated with the Autenti electronic signature. See how you will use this electronic signature in your CRM system.

Signing contracts in CRM

Sign contracts generated in the CRM system. Send contracts independently as a document for signature or in the online bidding process.

Save time and money by implementing Autenti electronic signature in your company.

Signing documents in CRM

You will use Autenti’s electronic signature not only for signing contracts. You can also send other CRM-generated documents to your customers, such as statements, surveys, and powers of attorney. You will certify acceptance of the document with an Autenti electronic signature.

Automation of electronic signatures

Automate the entire quoting and contracting process in SalesWizard CRM. You will generate a contract for signature in the Contract and Document Generator module, and send the contract automatically after the customer accepts the offer.

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See how to use electronic signatures in CRM

Use Autenti electronic signature to finalize sales faster, in the process of online quoting, generating orders. You can find more of our video tutorials on our YouTube.com channel. You are welcome!

We are constantly creating new functionalities!

If you haven’t found the functionality you need for your organization, see our Road Map for Application Development.

Electronic Signature in CRM. Accelerate contracting time

SalesWizard CRM is integrated with the Autenti electronic signature platform. You can use your electronic signature in the process of quoting and signing documents directly from the CRM system. Read the most common questions from our clients related to electronic signatures.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is a way to make a legally valid declaration of will using an electronic signature. Autenti classic, offered by Autenti, is one of the safest ways to use an electronic signature.

How to use an electronic signature? Thanks to Autenti, you can easily sign documents online, which makes its use in remote work extremely convenient.

What is the difference between an electronic signature and a qualified signature?

A qualified signature, as offered by Autenti, has a qualified electronic signature certificate, which allows it to have the same legal force as a handwritten signature.

How to obtain a qualified electronic signature?

The procedure for obtaining a qualified signature from the Autenti platform is very simple and quick. All you need to do is find an authenticator, submit an application, and then perform video verification of your identity. And the qualified certificate used by Autenti is a guarantee of security and authenticity.

You can make an appointment with an Autenti consultant to implement electronic signature in your company.

What are the differences between an electronic signature and a qualified signature?

Why is a qualified signature equivalent to a handwritten signature? A qualified electronic signature certificate has the same legal force as a handwritten signature, which makes it equally valid under the law.

How to use an electronic signature under the European eIDAS regulation?

Autenti offers a qualified electronic signature compliant with eIDAS regulations, which makes its use compliant with EU regulations.

What is needed to use the Autenti electronic signature?

Integration of the Autenti electronic signature with the SalesWizard CRM system requires purchasing an API service from an electronic signature operator. You must also have a signature package to use. The signature service is offered directly by Autenti. SalesWizard integrates the service within the CRM system.

What is the cost of an Autenti electronic signature?

4B Systems does not offer electronic signatures. To learn about Autenti’s offer, contact the seller directly or open a free account.

Can I use a different electronic signature?

SalesWizard is integrated exclusively with Autenti. If you want to use other electronic signature platforms, e.g. Pergamin, DocuSign – ask about system modification.

How does electronic signature work in the SalesWizard system?

An electronic signature is used. in the process of pitching to a potential client. When generating an offer, the system user can attach the generated contract to it and enable an electronic signature. The customer accepts the contract from the offer website. After accepting the contract, he is redirected to the electronic signature application, where he signs, authorized with his own e-mail and (optionally) a one-time SMS code.

Is an electronic signature legally binding?

Agreements signed electronically using an Autenti signature are legally respected. Polish common courts also assessed the legal validity of concluded contracts, recognizing Autenti as a reliable supplier of electronic signatures.

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