Processes in Contacts

Create multiple Processes (threads) in a single Contact to different order goals (sales, service, complaint, etc.). Assign Processes to Process Funnels to track the progress of each Process.

Arrange conversations and processes in Processes

The processes created in Contacts will allow you to organize the conversations and processes your organization has with a given contractor. You have the ability to assign access to a Process to individual CRM users. You assign processes to process funnels. It can be a sales, service, complaint or service process. You decide what processes you want to run in the CRM system.

See how to create and operate processes in CRM

See our video tutorial on how to handle processes (sales, claims, orders or service) in CRM. Learn more about how to implement CRM in your organization on our channel. You are welcome!

Explore the functionalities in Processes

In Processes, you perform most of the activities related to handling your contractors. Learn about the most important of these.


You will find all important information on a chronological timeline. Tasks, reports, notes, sent emails and text messages, sent offers.


Create and execute tasks assigned to authorized users. Set SMS and email reminders. Receive reports on completed and uncompleted tasks.


Generate contracts and documents related to a particular Process. Use short codes to generate documents quickly. Sign documents electronically using Autenti signature.


Assign Claims to Processes to process all claims in one place.


You will find all incoming and outgoing emails regarding this Process in one place. You will also assign your own e-mail integrated with the CRM to the Process.


Store documents related to customer service. Group them into folders and share them.


Assign survey templates and supplement them with data. Use surveys to collect data and generate documents.

Generate short codes for the Contract Generator. Export survey data to PDF.


Convert accepted Offers to Orders or create Orders independently of Offers. Status orders and automate notifications for customers and CRM users.


Assign Checklists to the Process to tick off completed tasks related to your process (sales, claims, service).

You can also automate activities based on checklists.


Create offers within Processes and observe their conversion rates. Receive notifications when your customer opens an offer or remind them of an unopened offer.


Control payments from signed contracts and accepted bids.


Assign your clients’ projects to Processes to access tasks and their statuses in one place.

Take create new functionality!

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Structure your customer communications with Thematic processes

Use Processes for thematic grouping of conversations with your potential and current customers. In Processes, you perform a series of activities, leading to a sale, a solution to a problem or a customer request. But Process is not just about sales. You can create a separate Process for service, complaint, RODO incident report, maintenance service, etc. Read the most common questions about Processes in SalesWizard CRM.

What are Processes for?

Processes help organize various categories of activities performed on the client. For example, two salespeople (system users) talk to your potential customer, each with a different area of ​​competence (sales and service). One salesperson sells a service, the other sells a product. If you want to isolate both processes as independent from each other, create a Process for each of them and assign it to the appropriate Process Funnel. Another example of using the Process may be conducting conversations with the client at various stages. In Process 1, the customer wants to buy your product – you offer it, in Process 2 – the customer submits complaints – so it is handled by the complaints department, in Process 3 the customer requests service for the device – it is handled by another department of your organization. Each Process assigned to different Process Funnels (Sales, Service and Complaints) will have a different implementation status.

How many Processes can I create with a single Contact?

The number of Processes that can be created in a given Contact is unlimited. Similarly, you can create an unlimited number of Process Funnels to which you will assign the Processes you create.

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