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What is a CRM system and whether it is worth implementing in a company

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, stands for customer relationship management. Thus, the CRM information system is a tool that makes it easier for companies selling products or services to meet company goals. New management concepts say that the primary goal of companies should be good, long-term relationships with customers and satisfying their needs. Only customer satisfaction with the service can lead to the company’s next goal of a high market position and, of course, satisfactory profits.

Nowadays, one of the greatest values is information in the broadest sense. It is said that knowledge is the key to success, and a CRM system allows you to gather a database of information about your products, services, customers and their needs in one place. Knowledge of customer preferences allows you to adjust further activities to meet the needs of the target group of consumers the company wants to reach. With a CRM system, management and work at every level is more efficient, resulting in higher profits.

Pros of a CRM system

With the CRM system, the company has a database of salespeople, employees, customers and information about the relationships between them. The system contains all the most important documents and customer contact history.

The modules and rich functionalities of the CRM system provide great opportunities to manage the company and customer relations:

  • Easy access to information and database – company employees can find documents, offers, contracts and other information from the customer in the CRM system;
  • 24-hour access to the system – you don’t have to be at the company to contact a client, send a contract or check case statuses;
  • working on a CRM system makes it very easy to work remotely, which has become more popular during the pandemic;
  • high-level customer service – the ability to set tasks and case statuses, so employees contact customers without delay and competently;
  • shorter offer cycle – thanks to the web offer generator, you can quickly pass the offer to the customer through the system for review and possible approval;
  • Electronic signature – integration with an electronic signature platform means that a contract between parties can be concluded in minutes;
  • Reduce administrative costs – records are stored electronically, the company saves on paper, envelopes and postage;
  • The system allows for the settlement of multi-level and definable commissions for the sales network of merchants or agents;
  • Increase sales – integration with Google Ads or Facebook Ads will allow you to do your own marketing and attract customers interested in such or similar service without intermediaries;
  • increase in profits – a full database allows to forecast the future of the company and adjust further activities to meet customer requirements.

Will CRM help during a pandemic?

As we have seen in time, the coronavirus pandemic can make it much more difficult to run a business and contact customers. On the one hand, government-imposed restrictions have made it difficult for both individuals and companies to operate. On the other hand, out of fear of contagion or in the name of fighting a pandemic, many people have tried to limit human contact. A simple meeting or going to the post office has become problematic.

We have now become accustomed to the prevailing epidemic situation and have somehow arranged our private and professional lives. Unfortunately, experts are predicting further waves of coronavirus, so we can expect the restrictions that hinder businesses to return in the fall and winter.

A CRM system equipped with the right functionality allows the company to continue to operate by maintaining contact with potential customers. The remote form of contact or cooperation is both secure and fast and convenient.

The modules and functionalities of the CRM system will make the customer relationship even better than the one established in person. First of all, the consumer does not lose time, he can read the offer and then the contract quietly, at a time of his own choosing. The whole process of buying a product or service goes smoothly.

SalesWizard CRM system for remote customer quoting

SalesWizard is a CRM solution that has all the above-mentioned functionalities to build ongoing customer relationships, simplify and shorten the sales process, and manage your business more efficiently.

Why choose SalesWizard for your business?

  • Predictable monthly or annual subscription with no hidden costs.
  • The price of the CRM system includes technical support and a server. Online training on how to use the system is also possible.
  • You choose for yourself the modules that your company will need. It is also possible to program modules on demand under additional paid modifications.
  • The system is integrated with e-mail and sending and SMS, which makes it easy for system users to contact potential customers.
  • Fast quoting thanks to the quotation generator with the possibility of sending it through the system to the customer’s e-mail inbox.
  • SalesWizard supports Autenti digital signatures, so the company will be able to implement electronic signing of customer contracts.

The SalesWizard CRM system will meet the needs of companies in a wide range of industries, such as legal, sales, service, manufacturing, transportation, installation. Any company wishing to improve its operations, management and customer contact can implement an IT CRM system. This will not only be a step into modernity, but will also lead to a better position in the market and more satisfied customers.

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