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How to get leads online and gain new customers

New and long-established service companies are trying to keep up with technological innovations and be more modern. This is dictated by the desire to compete in the local market with other companies and the need to simplify procedures and their duration. Technological, transportation, product development and easy access to the Internet have caused the e-commerce industry to grow rapidly. More and more companies are moving sales of products and services to the Internet.

In order for companies to operate efficiently and profitably, they need customers to buy these products and services. Consumers until a few years ago looked for local companies or contacted sales representatives. This significantly limited the company’s choice. In addition, it took a long time just to get to know the offer and start working together. More and more consumers each year prefer to do various errands online, due to the convenience and significant time savings.

Service companies are hiring fewer and fewer sales representatives. Their hiring involved not only the cost of the employment itself but also costs for company cars, fuel, marketing materials, etc. However, with so much competition in the market, it is difficult to expect customers to find a particular company on their own and choose its offerings over the competition. So how do you get customers without sales representatives in the field?

How do you get customers online?

  • Own website with the most important information about the company along with a full offer and the possibility of placing an order online or at least the possibility of sending an inquiry or request for contact. Its positioning on search engines such as Google will increase traffic to the site which will certainly lead to the acquisition of first inquiries from potential customers.
  • A Google My Business card that allows you to find your service provider more easily with a pin on a Google map. In addition, acquired positive feedback from satisfied customers will significantly increase the attractiveness of the service provider compared to other companies.
  • Investing in Google Ads marketing campaigns so you can reach a targeted group of people and more easily introduce your company and its offerings. The campaign generates new requests to people interested in a particular service or product.
  • Consumers using social networks will also look for a company and reviews of it on Facebook, so setting up a company profile is a must. This allows you to build relationships with current and potential future customers. The more positive reviews and watchers, the greater the chance of attracting a new customer.
  • Facebook Ads marketing campaigns allow you to address advertising to a targeted group of Facebook users. Those interested in the offer can send applications.
  • A customer contact management (CRM) information system allows you to manage leads/contacts acquired from Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Google search marketing campaigns

This advertising system allows you to reach people looking for selected services or products through a search engine or Google Maps. Ads can display if users are looking for similar businesses, services or products. Google Ads are designed to increase traffic to the site, sell products or lead to conversions measured, for example, by the number of phone calls transferred…. Very importantly, setting up and managing ads is very simple and intuitive. At a small cost of time, you can easily achieve your chosen goal, as long as the ad is properly prepared

  • Step 1 – identify the goal we want to achieve through advertising. Increase website visits, phone calls or maybe increase orders?
  • Step 2 – select the location of the target group. Are you operating locally and looking for customers from your own city or maybe you are looking for customers from your province or maybe from all over Poland?
  • Step 3 – enter the content of the advertisement:
    1. Step 4 – set the limit you want to spend on advertising.
    2. Step 5 – Publish an ad and pay only for ads that will have a real effect.

    Facebook marketing campaigns

    Facebook Ads system is the ability to generate Facebook ads to a selected audience. Wanting to increase the number of customers, sales or traffic to the site, investing in marketing will be a shot in the 10. Facebook, thanks to its knowledge of users and their interests, displays ads in such a way that there is the best chance of achieving the advertiser’s goal.

    How is a Facebook ad created?

    • Step 1 – selecting the purpose of the advertisement – you should indicate what you want to achieve with the advertisement. More website traffic, better brand recognition or more sales?
    • Step 2 – selecting the target audience – you need to indicate to whom you want to target your advertisement. We choose the location, age, gender and other parameters.
    • Step 3 – indicating where the ad should be displayed – you can choose whether the indicated content will be displayed only on Facebook or also on Instagram or Messenger.
    • Step 4 – indicating the budget – by entering a daily or total budget, we are sure that we will not spend more than we intended.
    • Step 5 – choose the format of the ad – you can show it as a single image, slideshow or video.
    • Step 6 – placing an order.
    • Step 7 – advertising management – the system allows you to measure the effectiveness of ads and manage them by, for example, applying corrections.

    Managing leads with Facebook Ads and Google Ads

    Acquiring leads, or contacts from people potentially interested in the company’s services or products, is only half the battle. Without good management (lack of prompt contact, sending an offer, re-contact with a reminder, creating a contact history), a potential customer may not use our service or product. So it is worthwhile, when entering modern business management, to also invest in a CRM (customer relationship management system), which allows you to import requests and manage them through the use of effective functionalities.

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