CRM for B2C

Working with individual customers is becoming more challenging for entrepreneurs every year. Consumers are becoming more aware, and thus have greater demands and dynamically changing needs. The high level of competition in almost every industry is an additional complication, because once alienated, a customer will quickly find an alternative. What can be done to take care of the B2C relationship and what role does a CRM system play in this challenge?

Challenges of B2C relationships

Working with consumers poses a number of challenges for both individual account managers and the organization as a whole. This is influenced by a number of elements, and the most commonly perceived issue is the mass nature of the audience. A given product or service may have hundreds of thousands or even millions of owners. Perfect examples include a bank account, a cell phone subscription or VOD TV access. Each customer – to stay with the company for a long time – should feel special, and the offer should be tailored to their needs. A senior citizen counting every penny won’t buy the most expensive phone subscription, and a young person won’t take advantage of a package without internet. While it seems obvious, it may not be possible to select offers or remember your customers’ preferences on your own without the right support. When working with customers, a comprehensive CRM system proves to be indispensable, which will enable efficient management of relationships with assigned consumers.

CRM system – this is worth knowing

If you haven’t heard such a term as CRM before, we rush to explain. The acronym CRM itself refers to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process. It is a philosophy whereby the needs, preferences, taste or expectations of our customers are an indicator of business. The information provided provides guidance on how the company should model its offerings or product development to not only reach new audiences, but also retain existing customers. A variety of tools are used to accomplish this task, and the most important of these is the CRM system. It’s a digitized database that works like a customer file for a particular company. Included there is not only contact information or relationship history, but also products owned or services purchased and notes related to conversations held. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently make contact to maintain the relationship and tailor the offer even better.

CRM in a B2C relationship

You can see at a glance just how important a CRM system will prove to be in successfully conducting B2C relationships. The aforementioned personalization and customization of offerings are only the first of the challenges realized through CRM reports. Another issue is that the system is capable of processing a huge amount of data with simultaneous actions from multiple accounts. Efficient information processing is essential for each of the hundreds of people using the tool to perform their tasks in parallel. In small organizations, where the base is used by a maximum of a few users, CRM will perfectly unify tasks. In further steps, individual employees will undertake the task and account for its completion. This way you can get rid of reminder cards on the monitor, notebooks or calendars with handwritten notes. All the necessary information will appear in the CRM system. It will remind you that you have undertaken an interaction and allow you to see the history of previous contacts.

The most important functionalities of the CRM system for B2C

A CRM system will prove useful in a B2C relationship only if it has the right modules. Among the most important functionalities, five absolutely critical modules are worth mentioning:

  • Handling requests in the form of a sales funnel – in this way you can control the entire process from the first contact to the finalization of the sale.
  • Relational contacts – here will be a database of customers to interact with in the coming days.
  • Automation tools – with these tools you can track the progress of the customer relationship and respond appropriately to events that occur.
  • Document Generator – this module allows you to send the customer’s expected documents right after the call.
  • Project handling – is an innovative way to group customers and create a tailored marketing campaign.

All the above functionalities and much more practical modules are waiting in our proprietary CRM system – SalesWizard!


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