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The 6 most common problems in implementing a CRM system

We think of the CRM system as an improvement, a solution to make working with customers easier. Increasing efficiency, automating tasks or increasing conversions and successful sales closings are just some of the benefits such a tool provides. Unfortunately, its implementation is not going smoothly everywhere. Based on our experience, here are the 6 most common problems in implementing a CRM system. We also suggest how to cope in order to overcome difficulties and enjoy a fully functional SalesWizard tool.

Problem 1: Employees’ aversion to change and novelty

The most common problem, or rather, the fact that many of us are reluctant to see changes in the system that has worked so far. Previously developed mechanisms and habits are demolished, and a new solution will be implemented in their place. While this is to the benefit of employees, their sense of security is shaken. The reluctance stems not so much from a mere hatred of all things technological, but rather from a fear of novelty. Employees will ask themselves: how am I going to deal with this now? What will my work look like after the changes? Will this system jeopardize my job? This is completely understandable and should be approached with particular forbearance by those who are old or have never worked in CRM before. It is a good idea to precede the implementation of the CRM system with a special information campaign within the company.

Problem 2: Lack of a person responsible for implementing the CRM system

By choosing to work with SalesWizard, it is possible to implement a CRM system in two ways. The first path – the basic one – assumes that the entire configuration will be handled by the CRM’s administrative user, i.e. the company using SalesWizard. And it is this mechanism that is most often chosen by companies, some of which do not have a designated person responsible for implementing the system. This is a very easy road to chaos, which prolongs the implementation process and causes users to use only part of the tool’s potential. The best solution in this situation would be to choose a person with experience in IT as a project coordinator and entrust him with the mission of implementing the CRM system. There is also a second avenue of cooperation that is worth taking advantage of, which is the implementation of the system by the developers of the tool. This option is convenient because the team will remotely implement and train employees on how to use CRM.

Problem 3: Lack of CRM training for employees

We mentioned in an earlier paragraph that SalesWizard’s implementation team is able to train employees. This is one of the basic tasks that in many cases determines the effectiveness of the continued use of the CRM system. Lack of training creates a situation where it is difficult for an organization to develop common standards for using the system. This, in turn, means that the tool will be used to a limited extent, and there may also be communication difficulties between the different levels of implementation. We should approach the implementation of the CRM system as we would approach the process of onboarding an employee – holistically and in stages. First, we present the new tool to everyone, later on we outline its general capabilities, and finally we present to each department in detail those improvements and functionalities that for their duties will be crucial to apply.

Problem 4: Installing too many modules and functionalities

The unquestionable advantage of SalesWizard is its versatility and multitasking, which will allow us to perform a number of duties in one place. However, this advantage can fade somewhat when an organization decides to implement all available modules and plug-ins without knowing how to use them. It’s like ordering a new car at the dealership and adding all the available amenities, then finding out that half of them will never be used. We do not negate such an attitude, but it should be remembered that the greater the number of modules installed, the less intuitive navigation of the CRM system for those unfamiliar with such technologies.

Problem 5: Fear of RODO inspections.

The essence of CRM systems is working with contractors using their data. In many industries – such as banking or insurance – it is necessary to display PESEL, residence or asset data. This is data that must be worked with extremely carefully, maintaining full confidentiality and compliance with applicable laws. Some companies are delaying the implementation of the CRM system for fear of procedural lapses, after which the organization in question will become interested in the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection. This, in turn, means an RODO audit, which could involve various sanctions. However, it should be borne in mind that such an audit can be ordered at any time, regardless of whether the company in question uses IT tools where personal data processing takes place. The presence of a CRM system does not affect whether an audit – be it RODO or a tax audit – will come to a particular company.

Problem 6: Management’s unrealistic expectations of CRM

SalesWizard is an improvement that contributes to increasing work efficiency and maximizing profits in the company. However, it is not a magic wand that will instantly raise all favorable indicators by several hundred percent and reduce the negative ones almost to zero. This seems to be forgotten by bosses who provide their employees with a tool and expect to see a dramatic difference in performance right away. Recall that the conversion rate consists not only of whether the company has a CRM system. This is influenced at least by the training of employees and their willingness to use the tools, issues raised above. Even the best-prepared tools won’t be helpful when employees don’t want or know how to use them. Imposing unrealistic plans will not help at all either, on the contrary, it will disgust employees with the use of the CRM system, who will begin to attribute to it changes for the worse.

A properly configured and sensibly implemented CRM system opens up new horizons for the entrepreneur. If you want to make sure that your CRM implementation goes smoothly, use our implementation offer. We will help you implement SalesWizard and make the clear, easy-to-use tool immediately ready for use.

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