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How to choose a comprehensive CRM system for the RES industry

The current time in the RES market is exceptionally busy for all those involved in the sale, installation and service of equipment. Heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, air conditioning or recuperation are becoming standard in single-family homes. Not surprisingly, with a flurry of orders, efficient organization and partial automation of the process is necessary. To bid on customers, manage employee activities and monitor progress, it is worth using a CRM system.

What is a CRM system?

At the outset, it is necessary to explain the concept of Customers Relationship Management, or CRM for short, which will accompany us in the following section. In Polish translation, it is customer relationship management, i.e. taking actions to maintain contact, satisfy needs and create a certain image of the company. One tool that helps manage customer relationships is a CRM system. This is an extensive program that collects all information related to company-contractor interaction. The basic functionality of the CRM system is a customer file with a history of records, i.e. actions taken, forms of contact and products proposed. CRM tools also allow sales funnel formation and segmentation of leads (dividing them into hot and cold, assigning them to individual employees). Slightly more advanced CRM systems include functionalities that successfully replace other programs, such as an invoicing, quoting or signature certification module.

Advantages of implementing a CRM system in a company

Deciding to implement such a solution, the company can count on a number of benefits. Among the most important of these are worth mentioning:

  • Saving time – the CRM system allows you to perform existing tasks in a much faster way, eliminating time bottlenecks;
  • Task automation – repetitive tasks, such as sending payment reminders, can be performed without human intervention;
  • Cost minimization – with the help of the CRM system we are able to increase the efficiency of work, which translates into saving money;
  • Better customer service – contractors will feel appreciated, treated in a personalized way, so their satisfaction will increase;
  • Information integrity – with a unified system and access control, there is confidence that specific information will get exactly where it needs to go;
  • Increase sales effectiveness – through the CRM system it is possible to profile customers and select solutions according to their needs;
  • Ability to work remotely – since the CRM system is a collection of digitized data, authorized individuals can access it from anywhere.

CRM in the RES industry

There is no doubt that the RES industry is just booming, and the demand for installation and service is constantly growing. No longer only photovoltaic panels, but also air conditioning, heat pumps and recuperation are making their way into many homes. It would be a good idea to keep the data of the customer where the photovoltaics were installed in order to offer him the installation of an air-to-air heat pump in a few months. There would also be a significant increase in interest in periodic maintenance if an SMS or email reminder was sent to the customer a month before the annual suggested maintenance date. And don’t forget about incoming inquiries – interacting with them in a timely manner increases the likelihood of closing a successful sale. These are just examples of tasks where the CRM system will prove extremely useful to the RES industry. While your employees go to the site for the next energy audit, installation or service, you will plan further activities and schedule the next customers.

How to choose the right CRM system?

You already know that a CRM system is an innovation worth implementing in a company. On the market you will find a variety of tools that fulfill this task. The problem, however, is that not every one will be satisfactory, matching your needs. To choose the best CRM system, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Type of tool – System as a Service or installable program?
  • The price of the tool – as in every aspect, budget plays an important role.
  • The nature of the tool – universal or narrowly tailored to the company’s needs?
  • The appearance of the system – intuitiveness and ease of use are important assets of a good CRM.
  • The content of the system – basic CRM or an extensive suite of tools?
  • Testimonials – it’s a good idea to see what others are writing about the CRM you’re interested in.
  • Contacting support – is Polish-language support available?

You will verify all these aspects by taking advantage of trial periods. If you don’t have the time or inclination to learn about the tool yourself, you can enlist the help of CRM developers. They will help install and configure the program, and then remotely train you and your colleagues.

SalesWizard – the most important functionalities of the system

One of the best CRM tools on the market is SalesWizard, a fully Polish tool developed by Warsaw-based software house 4bsystems. The versatility of the system and the range of available solutions means that any entrepreneur – regardless of industry or company size – will benefit from implementing this tool. Inside you will find such solutions as:

  • Offer page – with the help of SalesWizard you will create a one-pager, i.e. a fully personalized page in the form of a business card presenting your offer;
  • Request handling – the system can be integrated with many modules, such as. Google Ads, WordPress or HTML, so that leads go directly to the CRM;
  • Funnels and service statuses – you can group all processes in the company into thematic funnels, to which the funnels with the current status will be assigned;
  • Online bidding – standardizing the bidding process to quickly generate a contract proposal for a contractor;
  • Document generator – automation of the documentation preparation process, the CRM will independently fill in the document template with the appropriate data;
  • Signature certification – the Autenti module, compatible with the system, allows you to quickly affix documents with a signature honored by the public administration;
  • Helpdesk care – our IT team helps users if they encounter any difficulties with SalesWizard.

The full capabilities of the SalesWizard system will be revealed to you by the free plan. Contact to get the opportunity to test the system completely free for 14 days.

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