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Smartphone CRM system with iOS and Android support

It’s no secret that an effective salesperson is one who treats the customer and his needs on an individual basis. Effective customer relationship management is the key to success and closing the sales process successfully. However, there are times when a desk and laptop are swapped for working in the field with a tablet or smartphone. You don’t have to carry around bulky document folders, notebooks with masses of notes or other physical media. Instead, why not use the mobile version of SalesWizard CRM with iOS and Android support!

The role of the CRM system in the enterprise

Virtually every enterprise has a desktop or laptop computer as an integral work tool. With the help of this device, we are able to manage our own work, as well as carry out external activities. The key to success is the tools we use as part of our daily work – here, without a doubt, the CRM system is an added value. The customer relationship management program is your collection of contacts and sales opportunities. This is the central axis that determines your work rhythm and the actions you should take to finalize the deal. So it won’t be an abuse to say that a CRM system is one of the most essential elements in your business. It is used by almost everyone in the company: from sales representatives to the fulfillment team to management or the accounting department accounting for sales commissions. The CRM system is present in companies from both small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as multinational corporations or large companies.

The ideal CRM – or what kind of CRM?

While a CRM is an almost indispensable tool, don’t go for the first best offering. This system – like virtually every other tool in the company – should be closely tailored to the needs of the company. Extensions and functionalities of the CRM system are very important, which help to carry out daily duties efficiently. The availability of additional elements, such as an online quotation system or comprehensive communication modules, will help to effectively manage the various stages of sales. The CRM system should also be stable, as trouble-free as possible, and in the event of any malfunctions, support from a team on the service provider’s side should be available to neutralize the failure immediately. Financial aspects are also important – a good CRM must guarantee attractive value for money, so that the company in question reaps tangible benefits for its costs.

Mobile CRM system accessible via smartphone

We mentioned that one of the most important issues related to the ideal CRM system is the ability to efficiently manage sales processes. This task can become much more difficult when a representative is forced to go on a business trip or implements field activities. The solution in such situations turns out to be the so-called mobile CRM system, which is an application available for a smartphone or tablet. The employee logs into the system by providing access data and the address of the information system of the CRM in question. This makes it possible to log into the system, which has been assigned to a specific enterprise. Since a smartphone’s screen is much smaller than a computer or laptop, the app is written to function efficiently in a mobile environment. This means that while the functionality remains the same as in the web version, the layout of the various tabs is slightly different. And all this with a view to working comfortably in the field, even during a meeting with a client.

Why use a smartphone CRM system?

We perfectly understand the needs of entrepreneurs, so we have created a comprehensive tool that works on both desktop and smartphone systems. This makes it possible to carry out current tasks and plan activities for the next stages of field work. All activities can be immediately reported to superiors, and from the CRM system itself, sales data can be extracted, based on which a contract, statement or any other document will be generated. If an employee is on an extended business trip, the desktop team can delegate further activities related to a specific client or assign new tasks. The mobile version of SalesWizard CRM is a tool that allows you to work efficiently from anywhere. The clear and intuitive system is extremely helpful, and the included functionalities guarantee a range of solutions and opportunities to support the work of the sales representative.

SalesWizard CRM app with support for iOS and Android

In order to maintain full functionality while ensuring convenient access to the CRM, we have developed the SalesWizard mobile application. It is available for both iOS (Apple products) and Android (the vast majority of smartphones) devices. As a result, you don’t need to log into the CRM system through a browser – you will perform all activities conveniently from within the application. We have ensured that the mobile version is in no way inferior to the desktop variant, while retaining the key functionality of SalesWizard. Importantly, you work on the system in real time, which means that your data is immediately synchronized with the main server. This means that if new sales circumstances arise during the meeting, you will be able to modify the lead in such a way that your colleagues will be able to handle the contact already under the new conditions. This will greatly streamline the process of operations and help information flow smoothly, even during a meeting with a contractor. If you have any questions about our CRM system, please contact us! We remain at your disposal by email and phone, you can also use the contact form provided. Our team will be happy to provide you with more information about SalesWizard and answer any questions you may have. We will help you configure the system so that you can use SalesWizard on your company’s tablet or smartphone.


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