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How to choose CRM software for franchise networks

Until a dozen years ago, only global companies or innovative enterprises used CRM tools. Today it is such a common tool that it has been adopted as a standard in both the corporate and SME segments. CRM systems are also present in franchise branches of various entrepreneurs, making cooperation between the franchisee, franchisor and contracted entities even better. This will help you achieve maximum efficiency and increase your profits!

What is a CRM system?

The vast majority of people who have worked in a large company or corporation have had the opportunity to use a CRM system. This is a special software for broadly managing the sales and customer relationship process. On the one hand, it is possible to handle incoming inquiries and create an offer for the leads being acquired. On the other hand, the system helps take care of existing customers by tailoring the offer to their needs and periodically reminding customer service to take after-sales action. And all of this involves increasing productivity and minimizing human factor errors.

But a CRM system is not just a marketing tool or a “reminder” of a sales opportunity. It is such a powerful tool that it can be successfully referred to as the right hand of traders and managers. Through the CRM system, it is possible to delegate tasks, track progress and hold employees accountable for their actions. Some programs have modules that make it easier to close sales, such as quoting or generating documents. The CRM system can also unify activities, such as routing messages from different communication channels or managing the sales funnel by prioritizing execution.

CRM vs. franchise branches

We associate franchising primarily with a business that serves retail customers. This category does not only include stores known from shopping malls, through which hundreds, if not thousands of anonymous people pass daily. Franchises also include food outlets, banking establishments, insurance multiagencies, educational entities, real estate agencies, accounting offices or beauty salons. What all of these businesses – while different in their services – have in common is that in their case, the implementation of CRM will bring numerous benefits.

The CRM system will allow the company to handle both supplier group contacts and customers. Some franchises point their franchisees to cooperating entities that have the exclusive right to supply the outlet. With a CRM system, it will be possible to efficiently contact the entity of interest and oversee the transaction process. For your customers, in turn, you will be able to maintain a complete file that contains a range of detailed information. In addition to the customer’s data, you will find out when the last contact took place, what services were offered, what products they currently have and read annotations from the notebook.

SalesWizard – CRM software for franchises

In preparing our solutions, we were guided primarily by everyday practice. We didn’t want to add dozens of gadgets and embellishments that would carry no real value. Instead, we opted for the most diverse modules possible, which complement each other in the execution of both extensive projects and single orders. Franchise outlets looking for a reliable CRM system are sure to take advantage of the following features:

  • Sales funnel – collect incoming leads and process them for further customer service;
  • SMS and email support – receive messages, respond to them and create mailing campaigns from one place;
  • Threads – give a rhythm to your work, add or remove tasks to be completed and organize the path of communication with the client;
  • Projects – divide a large order into several tasks and assign them to the appropriate people or create an execution path;
  • Online quoting – a functionality that will help you close sales more effectively and unify the way you communicate;
  • Document Generator – prepare a contract or agreement template to conveniently send to your customers via CRM;
  • Electronic signature – with Autent’s certified signature, your customers will provide a legally binding signature with just a few clicks.

Benefits of implementing SalesWizard CRM for franchises

The implementation of SalesWizard CRM brings benefits that cannot be overlooked during day-to-day operations. By implementing this solution, you will notice a number of benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Better organization of work – you will order, control and execute all tasks from a single application, to which designated people have access;
  • More efficient use of time – instead of investigating who, when, and whether an activity was performed at all, you will check everything in seconds;
  • Efficient flow of information – all findings, notes and data on the customer can be easily found in dedicated tabs;
  • Increase the chances of a deal – with historical data, better-tailored offers can be created, which increases the chances of a deal;
  • The ability to work effectively remotely – employees do not need to be on-site to know what they need to do and the progress of the current work;
  • Company insight – as a manager, you will constantly monitor the way the team works and the effectiveness of activities, you will quickly catch irregularities;
  • Communication consistency – standardizing customer service methods, generated contracts and standardizing documents will maintain consistency;
  • Customer satisfaction – CRM allows you to approach the customer in a personalized way, which contributes to satisfaction and a sense of care on the part of the company.

These are not the only advantages you will appreciate your customer relationship management tool for. When choosing a CRM, it is worth betting on SalesWizard, which is the result of years of experience of the Polish software house 4BSystems.

Why use SalesWizard CRM in your franchise?

When you choose business solutions, you expect proven quality and effective performance. You are not interested in compromises – you want all expectations to be met and the benefit of implementing the innovation to be real and measurable. SalesWizard guarantees you the best solutions in a secure, responsive environment. The possibilities of this tool are enormous, and the operation – simple, intuitive. Choosing SalesWizard from 4bsystem will be the best solution because of:

  1. Differentiated modules – the tool will holistically facilitate the daily tasks of your franchise network;
  2. Customization – we are able to add or modify our solutions to fully fit your needs;
  3. Instant support – our helpdesk team resolves any faults within minutes;
  4. Innovation and development – we are constantly developing SalesWizard CRM, so we regularly add new functionality and improve current features;
  5. Polish capital – the company operates in Poland, and by choosing Polish capital, you support the Polish economy.


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