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Contract generator in CRM system – is it worth it?

Preparing documents for the client’s signature is a process that requires a great deal of care and attention, and does not tolerate mistakes that can even result in the invalidity of the contract. At the same time, the preparation of contracts takes a lot of time and is highly repetitive for the responsible documentation service departments. How do you streamline the process of preparing a contract document? Check out the contract generator in the quoting module!

Contract generation – how does it work?

The SalesWizard CRM system allows you to create contract templates and categorize them according to the preferences of the system administrator.

By creating contract categories, we can group different variants of a contract of the same type (of service or product sold), differentiating them by specific provisions.

The creation of the contract template is done using the editor. In order to create a contract, it is necessary to link it to the appropriate category of contracts and surveys. We can also mark the user signing the contract (for electronic signature) and add payment and advance payment options.

Shortcodes (short codes) in the contract generator

To ensure that the generated PDF document of the contract contains unique customer data SalesWizard uses the mechanism of shortcodes (short codes), which are then placed in the PDF document and encoded into the correct final values. The customer’s contact data shortcodes, e-mail address, phone and address data are supported.

It is also possible to use surveys in the generated contract and generate shortcodes from it. The survey may include additional data that the administrator collects to generate the contract.

Offer data and prices in the generated PDF contract

The contract in SalesWizard is generated during the quotation process, so it can also be enriched with the data of products, their unit prices and total value of the order, as well as the amount of the advance or paid tranches and payment terms.

Offering potential customers in the SalesWizard system

The contract generation module is an essential component of the offer generation module. In addition, thanks to the use of the Autenti electronic signature, the system user significantly reduces the time required to finalize the contract.

You can read more about the bidding process in the article: Offering customers over the Internet.

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