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Offering customers online

The coronavirus pandemic took us all by surprise in 2020. Various strictures and impediments have made business owners face many new challenges. Employee shortages due to illness, customers and contractors afraid to meet in person, long delivery times for letters, price increases for many products – these are just a few of the many problems business owners face.
On the plus side, a result of the pandemic is the significant growth of the e-commerce market, that is, the sale of products and services online. Month after month, more and more companies with stationary operations have begun to develop an online sales channel. Entrepreneurs and consumers have recognized the advantages of online transactions, so we can expect the e-commerce market to continue to grow.
Many companies continue to shy away from online sales or the implementation of modern IT systems to help manage contacts and offers. Owners are concerned about costs, the difficulty of switching to a different operation or a reduction in the number of customers. It’s always what’s new that raises concerns, but in order to be competitive in the market one should follow modern trends. Customers are accustomed to buying products or services online, easily, conveniently, anywhere and anytime, and expect modern solutions.
After the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, we deluded ourselves into thinking that after a few months the problem would go away. Unfortunately, the third wave is behind us, and experts predict more to come. It’s worth preparing for the next tightening and ensuring your safety and convenience for yourself, your company and your customers.

SalesWizard – Online quoting CRM system

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) stands for customer relationship management. Such a system is an IT tool that supports strategies and methods of operation to more effectively manage customer relations and manage the entire company.

What company goals will a CRM system such as SalesWizard satisfy?

  • Increase customer satisfaction through a personalized approach, knowledge of customer needs and efficient service.
  • Automation of many processes and the associated time savings will lead to a reduction in service costs – office or sales.
  • Building a clear knowledge base to better manage the company and analyze data to tailor further actions to meet customer needs.
  • Gain a better position in the market by providing customers with top-quality service and employees with modern work tools.
  • Prepare for the next wave of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated restrictions and difficulties in moving or holding in-person meetings.

What does bidding look like in SalesWizard?

SalesWizard is a CRM system that allows online customer quoting. This simplifies and shortens the bidding and contracting process itself. This course of action benefits both the company and the individual consumer. So what does the customer quoting process look like in SalesWizard?

  • After receiving an application from a customer initially interested in the service, the desk officer makes telephone contact to obtain the parameters and information needed to prepare the contract. SMS and e-mail modules in the system allow you to easily and quickly send a message to the customer with a summary of the findings.
  • A customer service person prepares an offer, which is presented to the potential customer in the form of a unique website. The offer is sent by e-mail directly from the system to the customer.
  • The user has the ability to give the customer the appropriate service status (e.g., Send offer) and task (e.g., Talk about offer) to contact the customer after an agreed number of days to inquire about further cooperation decisions.
  • The customer can accept the offer sent to him and indicate whether he wants to conclude the contract in person or online with an electronic signature.
  • The client agreement is generated in the system and contains coded fields that are automatically filled in when the client decides to sign the agreement electronically.
  • Once the contract is signed by the authorized persons, the user can perform the remaining tasks related to the execution of the concluded contract.

Electronic signature

SalesWizard and other IT products from 4B Systems use Autenti digital signatures. This form of contracting is not only safe and respected by Polish legislation, but is also very comfortable for each party. There is no need to meet in person or send documentation by mail or courier in two directions. It only takes a few seconds for the contract to be signed. The time savings are enormous and, in addition, office costs (paper, envelopes, postage) are reduced. Documents are stored electronically, so there is no wasted space in the company for shelves full of folders of paper documentation.
Electronic signatures are slowly becoming the standard that customers expect, regardless of pandemic or personal situation. This form is simply very comfortable for both parties and greatly simplifies the decision-making process.

How does the signing process work from the customer’s side?

  • The customer or the person authorized on his behalf to sign the contract receives a message from Autenti at the indicated email address, asking him to sign the document.
  • An authorized person can sign the document anywhere, at the time of his or her choosing and through any device, including mobile.
  • The consumer has the opportunity to review the contract.
  • Before signing, it is necessary to enter an authorization code, which is sent to the phone number indicated by the customer.
  • The customer signs the contract and can archive the two-sided signed document on his device.

In which industries will SalesWizard for online quoting work?

A CRM system such as SalesWizard will work well for companies that offer product or service sales and want to keep up with modern trends. Not negligible is also easier management of the company, a great saving of time of each participant in the sales process and convenience. The CRM system will help and improve the operations of small companies as well as large concerns.
SalesWizard will be ideal for companies that want:

  • securely store all data, documents and information in one place,
  • Increase sales through independent customer acquisition,
  • Improve communication within the company between participants in the process,
  • Improve and streamline customer service,
  • Increase the productivity of all those employed,
  • Modernize the way to submit a bid and sign a contract,
  • easier to control the results of work,
  • Improve the management of the entire company.

Industries where SalesWizard can be helpful include:

  • construction and installation services,
  • travel agencies,
  • Sales and installation of photovoltaic panels,
  • Law, compensation or notary offices,
  • development services,
  • commercial and manufacturing companies.

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