Eminus Tax Law Firm
Management of requests and customer service process

Eminus Law Firm offers tax consulting, accounting, company registration and financing services.

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SalesWizard Modifications

The customer received a package of free system modifications thanks to an upfront annual fee.

Automations in CRM

Dedicated modifications have been made within the automation module

Linking the law firm's website to the CRM

Requests from the company flow directly into the CRM and are automated

Data from Fluent Forms in SalesWizard

Eminus Law Firm has a website on the WordPress CMS system. The client wanted to combine the registration forms of the services offered (accounting services, tax consulting, bookkeeping, company registration) with its own SalesWizard system. The Fluent Forms plugin has been implemented in WordPress.

Our developers helped Eminus Law Firm merge the data from the forms and send it to the CRM system by using SalesWizard-generated webhooks.

Forms are imported into SalesWizard, are categorized by form types and can be automated.

Functions used by Eminus Law Firm

CRM integration with WordPress

With webhooks, all requests from the law firm’s website are imported into SalesWizard CRM.

Process automation in CRM

We automate micro activities in CRM so that the company can focus on the most important tasks.

Service and sales processes

Segmentation of potential and current customers into services, processes (sales, service), helps the law firm in its daily work.

We were looking for a CRM system for the law firm that would not only allow us to manage the notifications acquired through our marketing campaigns, but also facilitate the management of our current client base. We have laid out the company's processes in SalesWizard. In addition, we received a package of additional modifications as part of the automation. We received support from 4B Systems in combining the CRM system with Fluent Forms in CRM WordPress. Recommended!

Jakub Rakowski
Board member

Does CRM in a tax and consulting firm make sense?

Tax consulting firms, accounting offices, law firms offering tax settlement services to entrepreneurs need a CRM system parameterized for their own industry. The timing of tasks and activities is very important in daily work planning. Only with a well-implemented CRM system is it possible to arrange work in such a way that control over tasks is maintained.

In addition, like other companies, tax law firms also perform marketing activities, looking for new clients in the market. A CRM system can support these activities – it can automate communications and help save a lot of time on repetitive activities.

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