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The most common mistakes RES companies make in offering customers

Studies show that renewable energy sources such as solar, hydro, wind, biomass, and geothermal energy (RES) are our future. Unfortunately, energy from other sources is environmentally unfriendly and even leads to the constant poisoning of the natural environment. On top of this, it should be pointed out that the price of energy or heat is increasing more and more drastically every year. Thus, for years, out of concern for both the environment and finances, it is renewable energy sources have become popular.

In recent years, Poland has seen significant growth in photovoltaic companies, which offer solar panel installations to provide energy from this renewable source, thanks to the sun’s energy. There is a high demand in the market for the services of companies in the installation industry. The supply of these services means that many companies and sales representatives in recent years have changed their business profile to the photovoltaic industry. Suddenly, companies engaged in the organization and installation of photovoltaic installations have emerged on the market. Consumers, having a choice, choose those companies that offer an attractive price and service of the highest quality. What measures should PV companies take to succeed in a fiercely competitive market?

The problem of offering customers interested in photovoltaic installations

A major obstacle to success in the photovoltaic installation market is the outdated operating methods and offering customers interested in the service.
Let’s assume that a person potentially interested in a photovoltaic installation finds a lead to a sales representative of a company engaged in the process of such an installation. The customer calls the salesman, who arranges a meeting in three days. He arrives an hour late. The salesman takes measurements and promises to send a quote within a week. The customer received the offer made in an excel file by email after 2 weeks. During this time, neither the salesman nor another person from the company has made contact with him. Because of the attractive price despite the shortcomings, the customer decides to use the company’s services. After a few days, he is contacted by an employee of the company to arrange a date for the installation. Unfortunately, the customer has to go to the company’s headquarters to sign the contract because the salesman cannot come. The installers do not arrive on the agreed date. The customer hears an apology because the employee forgot to call and inform him of the rescheduled date. After the final installation, it turned out that the service price had increased by 10% due to an error in the calculation of the prepared offer.

Such stories can be found on the Internet immensely. In addition, in private life, we also hear similar stories from family or friends. Because will the customer described above recommend the services of a given company to friends or family or give a positive opinion on the Internet? Unfortunately, no. Poor quality of customer service, long waiting time for an offer, or an error in an offer may not be due to bad will or ignorance but only to outdated methods of operation leading to many organizational and management problems. However, this issue can be easily solved with innovative IT systems.

Making an offer in the PV industry in the CRM system

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a system for managing customer relationships. It not only streamlines the company’s management and improves the quality of customer service but also modernizes and improves the offering process. With high market competition, the process and course of the offering are crucial in deciding whether to cooperate with a PV industry company.

A CRM system such as SalesWizard is an innovative IT system that will help a company significantly improve the quality of customer service and the process of preparing, submitting, and executing an offer.

  1. Each customer has its thread in the system, with the entire contact history. Thanks to this, customer service will run smoothly and promptly.
  2. There is a web-based offer editor in the system. All you have to do is enter a few parameters, personalize the offer and send it to the customer at his e-mail address. The company can check whether the person has read the message.
  3. The potential customer does not have to wait a week for the offer. He can get acquainted with it at a convenient time and place. The sooner the customer receives an interesting offer, the greater the chance he will not start looking around for a competitor’s offer.
  4. Thanks to the possibility of electronic signing of the contract, the customer will not have to go to the company’s headquarters, and there is no need to engage a salesman to do this. Such an innovative method is also conducive to increasing the percentage of signed contracts in the company.
  5. Thanks to the CRM system, both in times of the coronavirus pandemic and in the absence of time, the ability to offer online is comfortable for both parties.

SalesWizard CRM – a CRM system for the photovoltaic industry.

SalesWizard CRM is an innovative web-based software for companies in the installation industry, including the PV industry. What does a PV company gain by implementing SalesWizard CRM?

  • Access to all relevant information (customer data, notes from conversations with customers, documents, offers, contracts) possible from the position of a web browser 24 hours a day.
  • Lots of functions to improve the quality of customer service (ability to set tasks, prepare notes, reminders).
  • Improved organization of the work of employees and salespeople and significant time savings.
  • Improving the sales process (timely contact, online offering, signing contracts electronically).
  • Saving space (documentation is stored securely in the system, so there is no need to keep piles of paper documentation).
  • Saving money (online offering and digital signing of contracts mean less paper, less postage, and less fuel expended).
  • Increasing the number of Customers and profits by streamlining the management and sales process and through better Customer Service.
  • Providing consumers with the highest quality service by taking care of their needs and expectations.

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