Tasks and notes

Plan and assign tasks. Report on their completion. Note the progress of your work in Notes. Check out how the workflow works in SalesWizard CRM!

Simple task management is the key to your organization's success

Managing your organization and processes such as sales, claims, and services requires assigning tasks and controlling their completion. SalesWizard CRM will enable you to create easy-to-manage tasks, generate SMS and e-mail reminders to remind you of their completion, and enter reports and notes.

How to personalize Tasks?

See how you can personalize the Tasks module in SalesWizard.


Personalize your task catalog. Give a unique task name for easy filtering, and specify additional task fields such as an address, reminder, report request, and text field.

Reminders and deadlines

Set reminders for task types (SMS, e-mail), control task delays (delayed and today’s tasks).

Statistics and task completion reports

Request task completion reports and control their content. Check statistics on which tasks are completed and which are not.

There' s more! We are constantly creating new features!

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Delegate tasks and control their completion. Increase the productivity of your organization!

SalesWizard’s Task module will allow you to order and control the completion of tasks, assigned to other system users. You can easily check deadlines and delays of tasks and also check task completion reports. Read the following questions and answers about the Tasks module in SalesWizard CRM.

Can I set reminders for tasks?

The SalesWizard system administrator has the authority to define tasks, including the ability to set SMS and e-mail reminders for the task. Reminders will be sent in the form of SMS messages to the phone of a registered system user. You can also set e-mail reminders to be sent for an upcoming task. You will also set the time for sending a reminder for each task.